Who is the Toei Spider-Man - Takuya Yamashiro?


Who is the Toei Spider-Man Takuya Yamashiro?

The Toei Spider-Man is Japanese version of Spider-Man who has his own race car and a giant 60
meter tall robot named Leopardon.

Name: Toei Spider-Man

Alias: Emissary of Hell

First Appearance:   "The Time of Revenge Has Come! Beat Down Iron Cross Group!!"
(May 17, 1978)

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The Toei Company in Japan acquired the rights to create a Spider-Man TV show in the 1970s.  At the time in Japan shows with big monsters like Godzilla were the rage.  The Toei Spider-Man is thus a merged version between Spider-Man and the Power Rangers.

The Toei Spider-Man calls himself the "Emissary of Hell" and fights giant monsters to defend Japan.  His giant robot Leopardon has a huge sword that can pretty much kill anything in one swipe.


He also strikes some really cool karate Spider-Man poses as he defeats evil.

One of the Spider-Men recruited to aid the Spider-Army against the Inheritors is Takuya Yamashiro.  He and the other Japanese Spider-Man arrive to help just in the nick of time.  The father of the Inheritors Solus had just absorbed all of the power of the Cosmic Spider-Man and was preparing to wipe them out.  Takuya Yamashiro arrived and battled Solus in his robot Leopardon.  The Spider army managed to escape including Yamashiro but at a stiff cost, Leopardon was destroyed.

Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider find the wreckage of Leopardon and debate whether they can repair the massive robot.

Power Rangers Connections:
If the show looks like Power Rangers that is because Toei went on to make the Power Rangers after Spider-Man.

Toei Spider-Man's powers seem to be similar to that of the main 616 Spider-Man however he does use gadgets, guns and also has a giant robot called Leopardon.

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