Who is Solus?

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Who is Solus?

Solus is the father of the Inheritors and seems to be the most powerful of their brood.  He has said that his hunger to consume life force is insatiable and without limit.  He proved this by quickly absorbing the entire Enigma Force from Cosmic Spider-Man and easily killing him.

First Appearance:
Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 3 #9)

Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 3 #13)


Solus's exact origins are not yet known.  His DNA is a combination of various animals (Insects, Birds, Animal, and Human) and he is revitalized by consuming the life force of  those animals.
His power-level seems to very based off what he has recently consumed.  After absorbing Cosmic Spider-Man he seems to possess the power of a god.

Hundreds of years ago his family captured the Master Weaver a powerful spider-totem that controls the web between times and universes.  Through the control of the Master Weaver the family gained access to multiple worlds to kill totems from.

He leads his family in a large feast of Spider-Totems at the beginning of the Great Hunt.

Solus, Morlun and Jennix attack the world of the Cosmic Spider-Man that the Spider-Army was using as a safe haven.  Solus easily kills the Cosmic Spider-Man and kidnaps the youngest Spider-Totem, the Scion, Benji Parker.   He is distracted from killing the rest of the Spider-Man by the arrival of a Japanese Spider-Man and his giant robot.

Back on Loomworld, Solus is confronted by Kaine in his powerful "Other" spider like form and is killed.  Kaine has previously destroyed the cloning facilities of the Inheritors so he is presumably dead for good.

Powers and Skills:

Solus is extremely fast, strong, and durable like the rest of the inheritors. Solus is arguably the strongest of the family.

Powers Include:

Energy Absorption- Can absorb the energy of living things.  Solus was shown being capable of absorbing even the power of a god like being when he devoured cosmic Spider-Man.  His capacity of absorbing energy is far beyond that of the other inheritors.

Super Strength

Super Speed, Agility, and Reflexes

Super Durability - Highly resistant to most forms of damage

Immortal - The inheritors seem to age very slowly and are able to return from death through advanced cloning facilities.

  • Radiation
  • The Other

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