Who is Sam Wilson aka The Falcon / Captain America

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Sam Wilson is a hero in Marvel comics.  He has used the super hero mantles of the Falcon and Captain America.   He is notable for being the first African American super hero to appear in mainstream comics.  Sam Wilson appeared in the blockbuster film; Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Name:  Sam Wilson

Alias: Snap Wilson

First Appearance:  Captain America #117

Super Hero Names: Captain America, Falcon

From: Harlem NYC

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Sam Wilson is the son of a notable preacher in Harlem NYC.    Sam has a good childhood with inspirational parents despite growing up very poor.    His father preached peace but ended up being gunned down by thugs after trying to break up a fight.  Two years later Sam's mother is gunned down by a mugger a block from his home.  The deaths of his parents fill Sam with rage.  He becomes a criminal known as "Snap" Wilson.

Sam ends up crash landing on an island where he is captured by the Red Skull.  The Red Skull decides he can use the cosmic cube to bring out the good morals of the inner Sam Wilson and make him into Captain America's friend.  Then when Steve Rogers least expects it the Red Skull can revert Sam back into Snap and devastate him.  The Red Skull also provides him with a telepathic power to communicate with birds.  I personally find Red Skulls plan to be a little lame and it definitely does not work.  He simply creates another strong adversary.

Sam returns to NYC and begins fighting crime.  He runs into Black Panther who provides him with a special wing technology that allows him to fly.

At one point Steve give his shield and mantle but later he asks for them back.
In the current comics Steve has aged to his real age and once again he has trusted his shield to Sam Wilson.

As Captain America Sam is not the same as Steve.  He has different skills, powers and values.  For this reason he has a different fighting style and different tactics.  He is being tested by many of Captain America's former enemies.

Skills and Powers:
Sam Wilson has extensive military training and skills.  He has trained beneath a variety of great fighters like Steve Rogers / Captain America and T'Challa the Black Panther.

Flight -Sam also has trained and uses special wings that allow him to fly, or move very quickly.  He can use this to throw a high momentum punch or to fly in the sky.  The wings come from special Wakandan technology provided to him by the Black Panther.

Avian telepathy - Sam can communicate with birds and see what they see.  He also has a pet Falcon named Redwing that he uses to recon dangerous areas.  Redwing can also attack people by diving at them which can provide Falcon with a distraction.  The link between Sam and Redwing is especially strong.

Captain America's SHIELD - Acting as Captain America, Sam has the nearly indestructible SHIELD of Captain America.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Sam Wilson appeared as the Falcon in the movie Captain America the Winter Soldier.  In this movie Sam Wilson was part of a special military unit that used a winged jet back to infiltrate enemy territory.  He does not have a telepathic connection with birds or a pet Falcon.   He uses the government created winged jet pack as oppose to technology from Wakanda.

He befriends Steve Rogers while jogging at the same time as the first Avenger.  He also brings Steve to his work where he does social work for veterans.  Steve pulls Sam into his war against Hydra/SHIELD along with Nick Fury and Black Widow.  The four heroes work together to bring down the hellicarriers and stop them from targeting innocent people.

Avengers: Age of Ultron
 Sam Wilson meets with Steve Rogers at the Avengers mansion to discuss their search for Bucky.

Scott Lang (Ant-Man) enters a facility he believes is defunct only to learn it is not quite as empty as it appeared.  In doing so he has a run in with the Falcon.  It turns out the facility is actually being used as the new Avengers Head Quarters.

Captain America: Civil War
In Captain America Civil War the Falcon sides with Captain America as they seek to clear Bucky (The Winter Soldier's name from a recent terrorist plot that killed T'Chaka leader of Wakanda).  The two create a team of allied heroes who are pursued by Iron Man's proregistration forces.  Captain America frees the heroes that were taken into custody at the end of Civil War and presumably Falcon is together with him.

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