Who is Lineage?

Who is Lineage?
Lineage is a new Inhuman character appearing in the series Inhuman.

Out of the new crop of Inhumans made in 2014 there were some pure villains, and some heroes and  in Lineage's case a middleman.

First Appearance:
As Gordon Nobili:
Thunderbolts #14  (Vol 2)

As Lineage:
Inhuman #2

Human Name:  Gordon Nobili
NuMan Name: Lineage

Gordon Nobili is the head of the low level Nobili crime family.  The family had once been powerful but had since been beaten down by the rival crime family the Paguros.  Gordon and his two sons were in NYC during the time when Thanos forces were attacking the city.  During the battle Gordon notices the Punisher and Thunderbolts who are searching for the Paguros.  In a sly move Gordon gives away the location of his rivals.

Then the Terrigen-Bomb goes off and things change for Gordon and his sons.  They find themselves encased in cocoons.  When they emerge all three are now Inhumans.  The three men now find themselves with superpowers.  Carmen Nobili the eldest son gained superstrength.  Joey Nobili the younger son's body became tall and slender with long colored fingers.  Gordon's change was perhaps the most interesting he gained the ability to speak to anyone in his blood line in the past or present.  Effectively, Gordon could now know anything that anyone he is related to knows.  The three then attack Paguros but they are caught up in the crossfire between the Thunderbolts and the Punisher.  Both of Gordon's sons are killed in the battle and he vows to get vengeance.

As Lineage:

Gordon changes his name to Lineage which matches his new found powers.  He then goes to Queen Medusa with word that he knows why Blackbolt released the Terrigen Bomb.   He tells her that he did it because the world was facing a coming calamity and the only way to save the world was to increase the number of Inhumans.  Lineage is brought along when Medusa confronts Lash.  The Queen has him tell Lash about Blackbolt's intentions.  This helps to at least temporarily create a ceasefire between Lash and New Attilan.

Lineage is also present when the Unspoken is captured.  He reveals to the Unspoken that he has a small amount of Terrigen crystal in his pocket.  It is unclear what if any deal Lineage brokered with the Unspoken.

Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel has been followed closely by Lineage it is unclear why he is interested in her.  He has hinted that she is not the only Inhuman in her bloodline.

Lineage finds and saves the severed head of the Ennilux Capo.  He absorbs the mind of the Capo into himself in the same manner he holds on the information of his ancestors.  He uses the information of the Capo to learn how to use the Inhuman Codex.

Lineage coerces Eldrac the Door to teleport Medusa, Gorgon and her guards away.  During this time he steals the Inhuman Codex and uses it to turn populace of Jersey into a violent mob.  He then proclaims himself ruler over everyone.

Death of Lineage and Rebirth of Karnak
Karnak finds himself with other old Inhumans in the mind of  Lineage.  Lineage is connected to all of his Inhuman ancestors of which Karnak is one.  Karnak sees that Lineage plans to betray Queen Medusa and decides to fight his way out.  He ends up battling his way through Lineage only to come exploding out of his chest.  This action seemingly kills Lineage.  He apologizes to Queen Medusa for leaving her at a critical time.

It is unclear if Lineage is dead or if he is still recovering from Karnak breaking out of his chest.

Lineage can speak to any person alive or dead in his bloodline.  They appear as faces on his chests that speak to him.  These people then tell Lineage whatever he wants to know.  This power has made Lineage into something of an information broker in New Attilan.

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