What is Leopardon?

What is Leopardon?

Leopardon is  character that comes from the Japanese Spider-Man show but has been integrated into the Marvel Universe through the Spider-Verse event.  The Spider-Man attached to Leopardon is referred to the Toei Spider-Man.

Name: Leopardon

Species:  Giant Robot

First Appearance:   "The Time of Revenge Has Come! Beat Down Iron Cross Group!!"
(May 17, 1978)

Quotes: "Leopardon, you have returned! I knew you were invincible!" --Spider-Man

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Leopardon is the giant mech like robot used by Spider-Man in the 1970s Toei Japanese Spider-Man TV-Show.

Leopardon is destroyed by Solus the father of the Inheritors.  Solus absorbs cosmic power from the cosmic Spider-Man which allows him easily to defeat the robot.  The robot's intervention does allow for many of the Spider-Man totems to escape from Solus however.

Later Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider come across the ruins of Leopardon and decided to try to rebuild it.  They reconstruct it and they make their way to the final battle with newly rebuilt Leopardon to aid the Spider-Army.

Leopard is around 60 meters tall and is extremely strong and durable.  He is capable of flight from rockets on his feet.

He is a large power sword that kill almost anything in one swipe.  Leopardon also can change and upgrade to become stronger.

Pictures of Leopardon in the Spider-Verse story:

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