What is iZombie?


There is a new show coming out on the CW based off of the comic iZombie.  What is the comic about?

iZombie news, pictures and speculation! 
The iZombie Trailer 
Comic TV News and speculation!
First pictures from iZombie! 

iZombie is a comic from DC's Vertigo line of comics and it has done well in sales and in awards.  The series even won an Eisner award in 2011.

Gwen Dylan is a zombie but a special kind of zombie.  Normal zombies do not possess a soul but some how Gwen does.  Gwen is very intelligent and likes to go around her town of Eugene, Oregon to solve crimes.  She has a problem in that if she does not consume a brain at least once a month she will lose her memories and intellect.  To solve this problem Gwen becomes a grave digger and gain access to a constantly stocked supply of fresh corpses.  When Gwen consumes someone's brain she also gets bits and pieces of their memories.  This power to gain the memories of the dead allows Gwen be especially adept at solving murders.

Gwen lives a world with various other ghosts, werewolves etc.  Many of Gwen's friends and iZombie's supporting cast have supernatural origins.

Special aspects iZombie:

Gwen is not an ugly zombie.  She is a pretty zombie (Some might say a "hot" zombie) and can pass for a normal person.  This is a bit like the movie "Warm Bodies".

Oversoul and Undersoul:
The supernatural entities are explained in terms of oversoul and undersoul.  Oversoul is the word describing ones intellect and Undersoul represents ones heart and appetites.  All the entities in iZombie can be described as either having an under or oversoul.

Ghosts - bodiless - Oversoul
Poltergeist - bodiless-  Undersoul
Vampires - bodies without Undersoul
Zombies - bodies without Oversoul
Revenant - bodies with both Undersoul and Oversoul- An animated corpse that contain both Over and Under soul.  The main character of iZombie, Gwen is a revenant.


IZombie News and speculation
iZombie news, pictures and speculation! 
The iZombie Trailer 
First pictures from iZombie! 
Comic TV News and speculation!

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