What is Battleworld? Lets take a tour of it.

What is Battleworld?
All the universes that have ever existed have collided and mushed together to form a single entity called Battleworld.  After Battleworld is created there is no 2099 universe, no 616 universe, no Age of Apocalypse universe, no Marvel Zombies Universe and no Ultimates Universe.  Instead they are all merged into one single entity and that is Battleworld.   A single Universe will emerge out of Battleworld and it will be a hodge podge of all the prior universes.

Battleworld is kind of like a big quilt of universes and stories.  In one universe Ultron may have taken over now that world is now a region smushed into Battleworld.

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A Tour of Battle World:
Here is a map of Battle World with the numbered regions:


Here is the name of each Region:

What are the regions?
Keep in mind some of these are still educated guesses.

1) Greenland
 This is Planet Hulk.  Greenland references the Hulk get it "Green" land. 


2) Dystopia
 The world of Future Imperfect


3) Domain of Apocalypse
The world from Age of Apocalypse


 4) Egyptia

5) Technopolis
The world of Armor Wars

6) Classified 

7) Spider-Land
This is an Island so I presume this represents the Spider-Island or some other Spider-Man based world.  It could house the surviving versions of Spider-Man seen in the Spider-Verse storyline.


8) The Regency
World where Spider-Man and Mary Jane are still together and had children.  Could be the MC2 universe where this happened.  If it is the MC2 universe though it could be weird because that Peter Parker and MJ were just killed in the Spider-Verse event.  The daughter he has here also does not look like Mayday.  My guess is that this is a separate universe where Peter selected to let Aunt May die instead of trading his marriage for her life like he did in Brand New Day.

9) King James England
Marvel 1602

10) Weird World

11) K'un L'un
The world where Iron Fist gets his powers.

12) Utopolis

13) New Mars
I think this could be from 31st century Guardians of the Galaxy

14) Classified

15) Higher Avalon
This makes me think of Magneto's Avalon space station.  This could potentially be a world ruled by Magneto.  This is fairly similar to House of M.  My other thought is a place where all the Marvel gods like Thor and Hercules end up.

16) Arachnia
Another Spider-Man based world?

17) Marville
Could either be Avengers vs X-Men or maybe a world of Babies?

18) The Eye of Agamotto
World of Magic?  reference to Doctor Strange's item the eye of Agamotto.

19) Classified

20) Manhattan
This is the center of the map and likely where a lot of the events in Secret Wars will take place.  If you look on the map you will actually see a submap. The Submap breaks Manhattan into subsections.  Manhattan will be the NYC of Ultimates World and 616 Universe smushed together.


Also within Manhattan is New Attilan the home of the main Marvel universe's Inhumans.

Then underneath the city is Monsteropolis.  My guess is this where all the monsters of the Marvel Universe will turn up.

21) The City
The Marvel Noir universe

22) Warzone
World of Civil War

23) New Quake City
World of Howard the Duck


24) The Far East

I am thinking maybe a world where the Hand rules the world.  Perhaps a place to house all of the Asian based characters.  There are many from the Marvel Mangaverse.

25) The Valley of Flame
I was thinking this world could be world of the hell demons and gods like Hella and Mephisto?  Maybe Dormmamu? Maybe this is where all the universes great evils will battle it out to see who comes on top.


26) The Hydra Empire
I presume a world where Hydra took over.

27) 2099
The universe of Marvel 2099

28) Hala Field
World of Kree heroes or where Kree took over Earth?

29) The Monarchy of M
World of House of M where Mutants rule the world. 

30) The Sentinel Territories
The world of Days of Future Past or Years of Future Past

31) The Wastelands
World of Old Man Logan

32) Mutopia
Mutant alternate reality I'm not sure which one.

33) Westchester
The world of X-Men the Animated Series


34) Killville
I don't know makes me think of the Punisher though

35) Arcadia
Perhaps a magic based or god realm

36) Bar Sinister
I don't know exactly what this is but I presume it will deal with a world where Mister Sinister takes over the world.

37) Limbo
The world of Immortus

38 and 39) Perfection and the Deadlands
Perfection will be the world from Age of Ultrons and the Deadlands will be the world from Marvel Zombies.


40) New Xandar
World of Infinity Gauntlet
Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy will likely end up here along with Thanos.

41) The Wall
This looks like a wall that separates the realms on the bottom of the world from the rest.
I am not sure what it is yet.

It looks like it would block off realms 38, 39, 40.  Basically the Zombies, Ultrons and Infinity Gauntlet worlds.

Secret Wars - Observation Deck see the battles unfold here!

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