Secret Wars - The observation deck

Welcome to the central observation deck to view the Marvel event of Secret Wars.  This is where all posts, news, promos, reviews and videos related to Secret Wars will end up.

What is Secret Wars -
Secret Wars is a massive Marvel event where the entire Marvel universe has been combined into a single large planet called Battleworld.  Battleworld is a hodge podge of different Marvel universe and stories all existing at once in one place.  The world is ruled over by a god-like Doctor Doom.

Take a Tour of Battleworld!

All Secret War comic Reviews and Previews!

What led to Secret Wars? Origins explained


Preview of Secret Wars #4 
Meet the different versions of Thor in Secret Wars! 
Amazing Spider-Man story in Secret Wars 
Spider-Verse to have its own series in Secret Wars  
Preview: Age of Apocalypse takes us into the Domain of Apocalypse! 
Preview: A-Force #1 the all female Avengers team is here!

After Secret Wars Marvel will be: ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT
See the All New All Different Blade
All New Different Marvel - Covers and Titles
Piecing together the ALL NEW DIFFERENT Marvel Universe 
See the All New All Different Spider-Man! 
See the All New All Different Doctor Strange!
First look at Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur! 


Videos explaining the Lead up to Secret Wars
  1. Marvel Explained - Lead up to Secret Wars / Incursions Part I - Video
  2. Marvel Explained - Lead up Secret Wars / Incursions Part II - Video 
  3. Marvel Explained - Lead up to Secret Wars / Incursions Part III - Video 
The Game of Worlds groups that lead up to Secret Wars:
Who is Rabum Alal?

coming soon

Secret Wars Comic Covers by Alex Ross are amazing! 
Secret War event Promos 
2015 Event teasers related to Secret Wars

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