Rocket Raccoon Sketches from Comic Cons

There has been a renaissance of sorts around the art work of Rocket Raccoon.  The once forgotten character is now bigger than ever.  What really makes looking at Rocket Raccoon art work interesting is that each artists has his own take on how to draw him.  Some look human, some look primal and some look cartoony.  They are all just so fascinating to looking at.  I spoke to some artists at different cons who are submitting their designs of Rocket to Marvel.  Some of these looks could be appearing in comics soon.

Here is a very dramatic piece of Rocket Raccoon art by Christian Ward

Michael Walsh's Rocket looks like it could be on Sci Fi Novel cover.  Love this.

Rocket by Steve Buscema - I love this version of Rocket.   It looks like it comes right out of children's book.

Rocket by Francesco Francavilla

Mark Brooks sketch of Rocket Raccoon from Denver comic Con
I bought a fast sketch of Rocket Raccoon by acclaimed artist Mark Brooks at Denver Comic Con.  His Rocket is on the realistic / primal side of the scale.

Mark Brooks sketch

Here is another sketch of Rocket by Mark Brooks.  I do not own this one but wish I did it is awesome.  I am not sure if this is a commissioned work or if it was for a comic.  I

Another sketch of Rocket by Mark Brooks from Dragon Con 2013
Mark Brooks Rocket Raccoon Comic Art

Rocket by David Peterson.  David's Rocket is kind of hybrid between realistic and cartoony.

Here are some Rocket Raccoons from the Supernova Pop Culture Con
Rocket Raccoon by Paolo Rivera from Supernova Pop Culture Con

Rocket Raccoon by David Petersen from Supernova Pop Culture Con

Rocket by Darren Calvert

Rocket by Jake Parker

Rocket by Kris Anka

Rocket by Tom Hodges

Of course we have Scottie Young's very loonytoon esq version of Rocket that is proving to be very popular.  I could devote a whole blog to art work by Scottie Young.

Who is Rocket Raccoon? 

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