Preview - Amazing Spider-Man #12

I have not read this yet but Amazing #12 looks like another great book of the Spider-Verse event.  I can't wait to read this!

How freaky and disturbing is this cover!

Things look pretty bleak inside as well.  Solus now appears to be super charged after feeding on the Cosmic Spider-Man and basically unstoppable.

Just when you thought you had seen every Spider-Man that crazy Japanese Spider-Man in a giant mech shows up!  Yeah I can't make this stuff up.

It also looks likes Miles Morales mission to locate and find new Spider-Men to the Spider army is going somewhat well.

I'm not sure yet who the casualties of this book will be.  It looked like a Spider-Monkey and a couple of others bought it fighting Solus.  I will review it and update the Spider Casualty list.

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