Lego set Peek - Hulkbuster Smash from Age of Ultron

Here are the different components.  It includes 4 mini figs.  An Ultron, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man and a big Hulk.

The primary build of the set is the massive Hulkbuster armor that Iron Man fits inside.  The Hulkbuster towers over everything in the set including the Hulk.    It will also have the capability of firing torpedoes from its hands.

The other build is a containment trap for the Hulk.  I am curious if this comes from Stark or from Ultron?

The Lego description below actually has Hulkbuster coming to the rescue of the Hulk as opposed to trying to stop him from rampaging.  This is likely based on the movie but is slightly tweaked.  Of course every kid is going to have Hulkbuster battle the Hulk come on that is an epic battle.

The battle is even featured in Lego Marvel Heroes the video game!

Price at retailers: I have not yet been able to find what price they are going to sell this set for.
Target   ?
Walmart ?

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Lego Description of the set:
Hulk has been trapped by the powers of Scarlet Witch and she is ready to fire an electrical bolt if he tries to escape! Place Iron Man in the cockpit of the humungous Hulk Buster suit and rush to the rescue. On the way you must fend off aerial attacks from the flying Ultron. Adjust the Hulk Busters arms and legs to create fearsome battle poses and grab the villain with the powerful hands. With Ultron safely in the mechs grip, attach Iron Man to his Super Jumper. Then take out Scarlet Witch with an accurate jump and free the imprisoned Hulk! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Iron Man, Ultron and Scarlet Witch, plus a Hulk figure.

One more cool thing:

This version of the Hulk may apparently feature the Avengers Logos on his pants.  He has Avengers stretch pants.

Iron Man will have his Mark 42 or 43 armor on.

This is a picture of an Ultron bot I think.  I do not think this is Ultron Ultron.  He does feature a cool helm, that really makes his eyes pop.  The eyes almost appear to light up.

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