Latino Review that Spider-Man will be in Infinity War I

 The Scoop:
Latino Review just released blockbuster news that a deal has been reached between Marvel and SONY and that Spider-Man will be in Infinity War I.
The Spider-Man that appears in Infinity War I will be different than the version that has appeared in prior SONY films.  He will not be played be played by Tobey Macquire or Andrew Garfield.

Toylab Analysis:

1) Major changes to the Avenger's Roster is absolutely going to happen!
The line up of Avengers Infinity War is going to be very different than in Avengers I.  Some things are going to change between now and then.  Particularly, the big 3 Avengers Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor may all be dead or missing.  Additionally, there will be some new heroes on the team like Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Ant-Man.

2) It is still unknown what SONY will do with their plans for solo Spidey films.  My guess is that Marvel talked them out of some of their terrible ideas.  Part of the original deal was for Marvel to take over creative control of Spider-Man and this deal being done may mean this has happened.  2018 is a ways out and it does seem somewhat possible that SONY could slip in a Spider-Man film movie between now and then.  It depends on how they want to reboot Spider-Man.  This deal makes it clear that Spider-Man is going to be fully rebooted.

3)  The hope of Spidey showing up in Civil War may still be possible but it seems unlikely.  Much of the script for Civil War is already written so it would be hard to push Spider-Man into that mix.  However, I think we could see a Spider-Man after credit scene in that movie.

4) Avengers Infinity War 1 and 2 is going to be NUTS!!!

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