Gamora sketches from Comic Cons
Gamora by Andy Park - Concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy

Just like Rocket there have been some wonderful sketches of the deadliest woman in the galaxy the beautiful, Gamora.  There have also has been some awesome concept art released of Gamora by Andy Park and others.  Lets check out some of the best Gamora art out there!

Gamora by Andy Park: These were done by Andy Park as concept art for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
Gamora by Andy Park
Gamora by Andy Park
Gamora and Nebula by Andy Park

From Supernova Pop Culture Expo
Gamora by Gene Espy

Gamora by Adi Granov - Just flat out awesome

Gamora by Milo Manara
Gamora by Hodges art

Gamora by J. Scott Campbell

Who is Gamora? 
Gamora cosplay by Kay Pike 

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