All iZombie - Speculations and News
All iZombie - Speculations and News

iZombie is a comic that is being turned into a show on the CW.  It will premiere on March 17th 9/8 Central.

General Synopsis:  
Olivia "Liv" Moore has a good life when she suddenly becomes a zombie.  While unhappy with her state as a member of the undead Liv decides to use her powers as a zombie to solve crimes.

Characters and Cast:
Liv Moore - Rose McIver
Ravi - Rahul Kohli
Detective Babineaux - Malcom Goodwin
Eva Moore - Molly Hagan
Major Lilywhite - Robert Buckley
Peyton Charles - Peyton Charles
Blaine - David Anders


iZombie News:

"I, Zombie" Comic Characters:

Zombie Info:
Why do people like Zombies? 
Happy I am Zombie Day! 

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