Age of Ultron - Trailer 2


Wow, I can't believe how epic this movie is shaping up.

First thoughts on this trailer:
  • Ultron looks truly intimidating and powerful.  Potentially, the best Marvel villain we have seen to date.
  • The Hulkbuster vs Hulk fight is going to be INSANE!
  •  I am expecting to see something of the Black Panther in this movie because his land of Wakanda seems heavily featured.  Wakanda appears to be featured in a scene with Klaw and in a new scene of what appears to be a Wakandan woman entering a pool of water.  The mystery woman could be Shurri who is T'Challa's younger sister or it could be one of the Wakandan battle maidens that protect the Black Panther called the Dora Milaje.

Avengers: Age of Ultron news and speculation

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