Who is Reader?

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Who is Reader?
Reader is an Inhuman character that first appeared in the 2014 Marvel series "Inhuman."  He is a powerful Inhuman mercenary that lives on Earth amongst humans.  Reader is a character that is rumored to be the identity of the blind man who appeared at the end of Agents of SHIELD season 2 mid season finale.

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First Appearance:
Reader's first appearance is in Inhuman #4.
His only other appearance is in Inhuman #9

Reader is an Inhuman who lives amongst humans.  He is a mercenary without loyalty to the Royal family or other Inhuman groups.  He his hired by the Inhuman corporation called Ennilux to bring a new Inhuman girl to them.  He goes back on this contract when he finds out what Ennilux has planned for her.  The girl is named Xioyi and she is a new Chinese born Inhuman.  In the Inhuman fashion she has been given a new name that relates to her power Iso.  Currently, Reader and Xioyi / Iso are on the run and searching for refuge.

Reader has gauged out eyes and a large scar on the right side of his head.  This was likely done to him to prevent his power going off when ever he read something.
Reader and his dog Forey
Reader has the power to turn anything he reads into reality.  Due to the danger of his power his eyes were gauged out.  This did not get rid of his power however.  He can read braile and that activates his power just like reading with his eyes would.  He is also capable of seeing through his dogs eyes by touching it.  It is not clear if he can see through other people or creatures with this power as well.

Actions he is able to do with his power include making a flying pack, and stopping time.

Agents of SHIELD:

In Agents of SHIELD there is an eyeless Inhuman Who can teleport named Gordon.
With his eyeless face thischaracter on the show bears a strong resemblance to the character Reader.
He is killed when Mack swings a fire axe at him during a battle with the agents.

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