Who is Mayday Parker AKA Spider-Girl?

Who is Mayday Parker AKA Spider-Girl?

Mayday Parker is a Spider-Girl from and alternative Marvel universe MC2 also known as Earth 982.  In the MC2 universe the age of super-heroes came about 15 years earlier than the main (616) Marvel universe.  Due to the time difference many of the heroes that are active in the main (616) universe have already retired.  The rest of the aspects of the universe are not ahead of main (616) universe from a social or technological level they are about equal.

Initially, there were a few titles planned for the MC2 universe but almost all of them fizzled out.
The once comic with longevity was Spider-Girl.  Spider-Girl is somewhat famous because it is the longest running self titled comic with female lead at Marvel.  Despite, being constantly close to cancellation the title managed to survive due to a small hardcore group of fans.

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Personal Note:
Personally, I did not get into Spider-Girl until after her run was over.  I found her series to be very well written and interesting.  I highly recommend her stories to other Spider-Man fans out there, especially to girls who are seeking out stories about a teenage, female super hero.

Mayday is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in the MC2 (Earth 982) universe.  Peter Parker has married Mary Jane, and had 2 children, Mayday and Benji.  Earlier in his crime fighting career he lost his leg in a final confrontation with the Green Goblin.  While his leg has been replaced by an advanced bionic one he still retired from crime fighting.  Peter still retains his Spider powers but is older and not in top fighting shape.  In the series he generally sticks to being a dad.

Mayday was thought to be still born at birth but was later found by Peter's clone Kaine.  Kaine then bring the girl to be raised by Peter Parker and his wife Mary Jane.

It is initially not known whether Mayday or her younger brother Benji inherit their father's powers.  Peter hopes that neither do, knowing full well the troubles that can come from being a superhero.

MayDay discovers she does have powers and almost immediately begins a career as a super-hero.  She is aided by her father's former nemesis but current friend Normie Osborn.  Eventually, she comes clean to her parents about what she is doing.  Eventually, come around and begin supporting her comic career.

MayDay has numerous encounters with new up and coming heroes and villains.  Some of the villains she battles are the children of the older heroes.  Generally, Mayday is more successful than her father at reforming these villains.


Spider-Totems (men and women) are being hunted down and killed across all time lines.  An Inheritor comes for Mayday and her family (Amazing Spider-Man #8).  The inheritor almost immediately kills Mayday's father Peter Parker.  Mayday carries her brother through a portal led by a team of Spider-Men as her mother tries to slow down the inheritor.    Mayday and her brother find temporary refuge in the cosmic Spider Man's universe.  This refuge is attacked by the father of the Inheritors Solus.  Solus kills the Cosmic Spider-Man protector of the universe and the inheritors kidnap young Benji.  It is revealed at this moment that Benji is one of the three special Spider-Totems the Scion.
Now Mayday must find a way to rescue her brother, both to save the last surviving member of her family and the entire universe.

Basically the same powers as her father.  She is generally considered to by physically weaker but faster than Peter Parker.

Her spider-sense has shown the ability to be more fine tuned than that of her father at certain points of time.

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