Who are the new Star Wars: Force Awakens characters

There is no official word on exactly who each character is.  Through piecing together information from various sources however a clearer picture of the main cast is emerging.

This is mostly speculation on my part but I will say there are "Potential" minor Spoilers below.

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Glimpse of Finn from Force Awakens trailer

Finn was a stormtrooper who deserted for unknown reasons.  He will likely join up with a motley assortment of good guys.  Finn is played by John Boyega.

 Part of me wonders if he could be a spy that has infiltrated the Empire on behalf of the rebels.

Could one of these Troopers be Finn as well?
Finn's last name is not provided in anything which likely means that he has a recognizable name.   He is likely related to a character from previous films so be prepared to hear something like Finn Skywalker, Finn Solo, Finn Tarkin or Finn Fett.

He could be based off Finn Galfridian:
From the Star Wars comic series Invasion there is a character called Finn Galfridian.  Finn  was a royal on the planet Artorias.  His planet is attacked by a violent alien race called the Yuuzhan Vong.  He ends up becoming a guerrilla fighter.  Luke Skywalker meets up with Finn and begins to train him in the ways of the force.  He becomes part of Luke's new Jedi Order and has adventures with the young Solos.

Finn in the force awakens trailer is obviously different than Finn Galfridian.  They don't look alike, and one is a royal guerrilla fighter, the other is a deserter storm trooper.  However, they could be used in a similar way down the road.

Captain Phasma
Speculated Captain Phasma picture

A villain who is tracking down Finn.  Captain Phasma is to wear chrome plated armor.  Badass Digest believes the character will be played by Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie.

Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones may play Captain Phasma

The trailer gave us a quick glimpse of Rey as well.

Picture of Rey from trailer
Rey on a speedster from Trailer
Rey looks like a rebel.  Like Finn no last name has been provided so expect her to be related to characters from previous films.
Rey is played by Daisy Ridley.

It looks like she begins her journey on Jakku  along with Finn.  My guess is she is trying to find an save him.
The Falcon also appears to be on Tattoine
What is going down on Tatooine?
Finn and Rey both appear to be on Jakku and so does the Millennium Falcon.  My guess is this means that either Han / Leia / Chewi is hanging out there or one of these two (Or Both) are related to the Solos.  My guess is that since Han and Leia are both light skinned, and Finn is dark skinned that  Rey is the Solo.  Who knows though, Finn could always be the adopted son of the Solos who went on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the empire.

 Poe Dameron
X-Wing Pilot Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron is played by Oscar Isaac.
He is shown piloting an X-Wing in the trailer over water.   He is wearing a Rebel Alliance emblem on his helmet.  His uniform is looking a little slicker than the uniforms of the past.  Does this show that the Rebels have done well since the fall of the Emperor and the Battle of Endor?  Or is this simply a new style of the movie?

This is the droid that looks like an R2 with a Ball as his base.
 BB-8 could fill the roll of R2D2 in the group, OR he could just appear in one scene.  All Star War characters have names so who knows.

Keep in mind R2D2 should still be up and running when these films take place.  He has appeared in every Star Wars movie so far.  I highly doubt he will miss out on this one.

Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren is the Sith with the wicked looking cross guard lightsaber.   He is not called Darth Ren or Darth Kylo Ren which indicates he is not yet a Sith Lord.  Some have said he is a cyborg.

I always like the bad guys in Star Wars.  Darth Vader and Darth Maul are some of my favorite characters period.  It should surprise no one that I am looking forward to seeing more of Kylo Ren!

There is also concept art of Ren holding the helmet of Darth Vader.

Kylo Ren holding Vader's helmet.  Could this be an apprentice of Vader that we do not know about?
Another of Kylo holding the helmet

Star Wars Alpha One - Hub of All Star Wars News! 
Art from Star Wars Marvel series is Amazing!
Star Wars - The Force Awakens Trailer 1, and Screen Shots
Star Wars #1 Preview
Princess Leia #1 Preview   

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