"What will they become?" Review, Analysis and Spoilers


Actions, suspense, and answers the mid season finale of Agents of SHIELD had it all. 

Be warned I can not help but spoil things.  If you have not seen this episode do not read this post.


This may have been one of the most fulfilling episodes yet.  Many of the biggest questions of the series were answered.

Answers to Questions
What was in the Obelisk? Answer:  A Terrigen crystal
Who is Raina? -->  Answer: An Inhuman but not sure yet who --> Raina - what / who will she become?
Who is Skye's Father? --> Mister Hyde / Calvin Zabo
What happened to Mack --> Alive but is a zombie sentry of Attilan?  Seems to have snapped out of his zombie phase and helped to protect Coulson from falling debris.  Will he retain his super strength?

and most importantly who is Skye? ---> Daisy Johnson / Quake and an  Inhuman
All of these questions were answered.  Talk about amazing.  The impact of the episode is also absolutely huge as the Inhumans have now been officially introduced to the Marvel Universe.  This is a huge impact to the entire universe.

Brief Episode Summary
The agents in the plane must escape Hydra jets who are gunning after them.  May and Triplett make a daring maneuver into the clouds, release decoys and cloak.  The missiles from the Hydra jets hit the decoys creating a large explosion leading the Hydra pilots to assume they hit their target.

The team meets up in San Juan where they debate on the fate of Mack.  Bobbi hides a drive from Mack's items but Lance catches her in the act.  Fitz, Simmons work out the means avoiding being infected by the city like Mack.  Triplett adds some old SHIELD tech bombs that will still work in the anti electronic environment of the city.  Lance and Bobbi go on a mission within San Juan and find an address where Hydra is hiding.

Ward fulfills his promise and takes Skye to her father.
Skye meets her father.  He tell her his name is Cal (As in Calvin Zabo).  He tells her that her mother was special, he does not say the word Inhuman.  However, everything he describes sounds very Inhuman esq.  It is somewhat unclear to me if he cares about Skye as a person or for her powers.  He seems to care about her.  Their reunion is short lived as Whitehall has figured out who Cal is.  He is also quickly figures out that Skye is like her mother and promises to dissect her to find out what special gifts she may have.  His plans are cut short when Coulson and May arrive and start fighting the Hydra agents.

Meanwhile, Triplett, Fitz and Simmons enter the city and begin planting the explosives.

Raina also enters the city and searches for the temple.  She finds Mack.  He does not attack her but instead leads her to the temple.  Basically he has become a zombie guard / servant of the city.

Skye's father break out of his bonds and hunts down Whitehall.  He does not free Skye or Ward, he does not want her to see what he is about to do.  Ward and Skye manage to escape but it does not go as Ward planned.  He is stabbed by Skye who runs away.

Skyes father and Whitehall enter a stare down, Whitehall has that creepy smile on his face as he pulls out a gun.  Before he can shoot Coulson shoots him through the chest, apparently killing him.  (Though I would not be surprised to see him come back).  This was very anti-climatic but i am hoping Whitehall returns.   Skye's father is infuriated at the loss of his vengeance, and tries to kill Coulson but is stopped by Skye.  Skye makes her father leave, then enters the temple in the hopes of stopping Raina and helping the other agents.  Coulson cries out for her not to enter but she still does.

Coulson goes after Skye, and this is later told to Triplett.  Triplett re enters the temple in the hopes of moving the explosives to a less damaging location.  Coulson encounters zombie sentry Mack but manages to get past him.  Skye and Triplett find Raina in the temple.  The Obelisk lights up and opens.  The Walls around the temple close trapping all of the characters there.  Inside the Obelisk is a Terrigen crystal and Skye and Raina  are covered in what appears like a coccoon. 

Skye emerges from the cocoon in a awesome moment.  The earth begins to shake as she uses her new Quake powers.  Unfortunately the entire city seems to be collapsing because of it.  The Crystal in the Oblelisk breaks sending a shard into Trip who turns into dust.

 As for Raina - She was not turned into dust but they were pretty vague on what her transformation was.

Raina's eye peeking out of cocoon

I'm not sure what Raina will become.   I did see a woman fighter in a clip who looked like she could transform her body into smoke.  That could have been Raina.

More on this question at:
Raina - what / who will she become?

I am very comfortable saying that Skye was transformed and has the powers of Daisy Johnson.  Daisy Johnson in the comics received her powers from her father's use of the Hyde formula.  However, from what I gleaned yesterday Cal (Calvin Zabo) Skye's dad did not begin using the Hyde formula until after Skye was born.  It sounds that like he created the formula as a means of getting vengeance on Whitehall.  Skye will instead get her power through her mother's Inhuman DNA.

See the epic scene where she transforms here  ---> Here

The temple starts coming down.  Either from the bombs or from Skye's awakened Quake ability.  Mack snaps out of his zombie mode and protects Coulson from the falling debris.  He seems to have kept his super strength for now.  Will this continue?

The final scene has a man with flesh covered eyes picking up a Diviner that is lighting up.  He picks up the phone and says that there are new ones.  This in effect reveals Inhumans living amongst humans.

Who is this Inhuman?
Who is the Blind eyeless guy at the end of the Mid Season Finale?

Inhumans CheatSheet for Agents of SHIELD fans
Who is the Blind eyeless guy at the end of the Mid Season Finale?
Raina - what / who will she become?
Gifs of Skye Breaking out of her cocoon

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