What to get your Geek for Christmas!


Christmas is approaching!

Need some ideas for what to get your geek for Christmas?  Check out our posts of Christmas Gift ideas below:

Coding toys!

The Code-A-Pillar has been a major hit on the coding front for over 2 years now.  You can now call it a perenial favorite.  I don't see it going anywhere as it is simply to simple and elegant of a design.  The Code-A-Pillar can begin teaching Toddler how to code and that is amazing.  We have covered the Code-A-Pillar, the expansions and even build up a set missions to use alongside the Code-A-Pillar.  There also other free online tools you can use along with the toy.

While this toy is designed for young children if you set up creative missions

See the below links for more info:
Code-A-Pillar Review and Amazon Deals

Code-A-Pillar Expansions and Amazon Deals

Toylab's Code-A-Pillar Train Missions!

Ozobots have started to become pretty popular in Elementary Schools.  They cost a bit more that the Code-A-Pillar but the prices have started to come way down.  They are very versatile and you can use them a lot of different ways.  With the prices lower I recommend getting more than one so you do races, dances, or have them to oher cordinated moves I find kids get a lot out of have two of them interact.

While it may be tempting to think that you do not need to buy one because your kids can use the one at school I would argue the opposite.  A lot of the higher coding capabilities of the Ozobot can take some time to learn.  If you get one at home your kids can learn the higher level functions then take those skills to school and solidify them there.

Ozobot Review

Code Combat
Code Combat is an online game where a hero takes an adventurer through a Dungeon Crawl while using coding commands.  The game has good graphics and is well designed.  More over the game actually teaches real coding launguages like Java and Python.  The best part is......its free.

Here is toylabs full review of Code Combat.
Code Combat Review

Littlebits Inventor Kits

Littlebits Inventor kids come in a variety of different themes.  The themed set we covered here was the Marvel Avengers one.  There are a variety of different things the kit can teach.  Everything from circuitry to coding.  The kits are on the pricier side but they are a lot of fun and present a great learning opportunity for kids.  The other kits include an Invent your Base, and an Education Code kit.   We plan on doing more reviews of other kits soon!

Marvel themed inventor kit
Review of Little Bits Marvel themed STEM toy!

Osmo Coding Game:
Here is our review of the Osmo coding game.

Osmo Coding Game

Dungeons & Dragons
D&D is more popular than ever!  If your friends or family are getting into D&D there are a ton of great D&D gifts to check out.  We first recommend checking out the How to get started with D&D below.

How to get started with D&D

Agents of SHIELD Fan edition!

Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Edition!

Zombie Fan Edition!

New line up from Hot Toys for Avengers: Age of Ultron

Spider-Man polystone statues from Sideshow collectibles

Iron Man 3 busts from Hot Toys

$45 Baby Dancing Groot from Hot Toys

Upcoming - Star Wars Edition!

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