What to get your geek for Christmas: Spider-Man Edition

A few thoughts from a guy who really, really, really likes Spider-Man.  There are many, many things to get a Spider-Man fan.  Here are some fun options.

What to get your geek for Christmas?
The Spider-Verse checklist  
Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse!
There are some cute Lego Spider-Man box sets.  They come in a range of expensive to relatively cheap.

A great Spidey stocking stuffer
 There is a small one with a Electro in particular that is about ~13-16 dollars and would make a great stocking stuffer.

There is a medium sized Lego kit with Dr Octopus and a Money Truck.  It is called Doc Ock Truck Heist and it might be my favorite for the price.

There are also a couple of big sets.  There is a Daily Bugle one that is very cool and a Spider Helicopter rescue set.  I like both of these but prefer the Daily Bugle a little more.  I never really understand why Spider-Man would have a vehicle.  The Daily Bugle set may be harder to find it is from 2013.

76016 Spider-Helicopter Rescue 1


Spider-Man Unlimited Mobile Game - its free!

Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game

My favorite Spidey statues right now are a set from Sideshow collectables.

Spider-Man Statues from Sideshow collectables

Current Comics:
 The current comics out right now in comic stores related to the Spider-Verse are very very good.  It is highly likely your Spider-Man fan will like these.

Recent Key Issues:
There are also some key issues that have come out recently that you can find on Ebay:
  • Amazing Spider-Man  #4 - The first appearance of Silk.  (Try to find the black and white J Scott Campbell cover variant for extra points.)
  • Edge of the Spider-verse #2 - The first appearance of Spider-Gwen.  Try to pick up a first print if you can.
Amazing first 100
If you have a hardcore fan who tend to buy up all of the recent stuff try getting him something older.
To me the most epic comics are part of Stan Lee first 100 Amazing Spider-Mans.  These can range from anywhere between $15 to $15 thousand so buy according to your needs and wallet.

Art and Autographs:

J Scott Campbell Sketch

Another cool thing you can get for someone who seems to have all the art is autographs.  Favorite Spider-Man artists to buy sketches from are Humberto Ramos, J Scott Campbell, and Todd McFarlane.
I generally find it harder to find McFarlane Spider-Man stuff because he went on to create Spawn and has not signed or created much Spider-Man stuff since then.  To find sketches my favorite method is simply to go on Ebay and type in the artists name and Sketch.  Keep in mind that you are buying original artwork and prices can range from a 100 to the thousands.  Generally, sketches that include color are going to cost significantly more.

Trade Paperbacks
Trade Paperbacks are collections of comics that usually cover one long story.  There have been some great ones from Spider-Man recently.

I recommend:  The Gauntlet, Grim Hunt, Spider-Island, The Fantastic Spider-Man, and Superior Spider-Man

If you want to get two, then Gauntlet and Grim hunt go together very well.  There are many other good ones though I would recommend staying away from Clone Saga unless the person you are buying for specifically requested it.  That story can elicit some strong emotions in Spidey fans so it is best left alone.




Some fans might also enjoy some older stories like Maximum Carnage


What to get your geek for Christmas?
The Spider-Verse checklist  
Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse!

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