What is a Terrigen Crystal?


What is a Terrigen Crystal?
In the Season 2 Midseason Finale of Agents of SHIELD it was revealed that the mysterious Obelisk that the agents have battled with Hydra to acquire contained within it a  Terrigen Crystal.

The Obelisk is the MCU's version of a Terrigen Crystal.  It does not look like a crystal until it opens up and then the crystal is revealed.  The Obelisk around the crystal seems to have a variety of functions.  It protects the crystal, kills people not meant to use it, and seems to even communicate / be connected with other obelisks.

What is a Terrigen Crystal?
Terrigen Crystals are central to the race called the Inhumans.  Inhumans are like mutants whose powers are only activated when they are exposed to the Terrigen Mists which emanate from the Terrigen Crystals.  The Terrigen crystal release a mist that acts as a catalyst that effectively speeds up evolution.  Terrigen can make Inhumans into monsters or it can make them into super powerful beings.  This explains why the question of change, and what will I become is tied to its purpose.  This is part of a process created by ancient Inhuman King named King Randac thousands of years ago.

Raina and Skye both have Inhuman blood in them.  This is why they were both able to hold the Diviner/Terrigen Crystal and why it changed them.

Skye maintained a normal appearance and gained a power to create powerful seismic waves.

Raina altered into a beastly appearance but we are not sure exactly that nature of it yet.

Why the Name Diviner?
The Diviner is actually another reference to the Inhumans.  Inhuman hackers are called Diviners in the series Silent War. I am not really sure if the word Diviner refers to the case around the crystal or the entire object.

Why the Kree connection?
The Inhumans are effectively human beings that were experimented on by the Kree to be weaponized. They are living breathing Kree nuclear bombs.

Why are the Kree interested in Human beings?  Read ---> Earth in the Marvel Universe

The Kree also are constantly attempting to regain control of the Inhumans.  The dead Kree could be a Kree agent that was found and killed by the Inhumans.

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