What is Orollan?

What is Orollan?

Orollan is a hidden city of Inhumans located in Greenland.  It looks like native American Cliff dwellings despite its Nordic location.  This may be a hint that the cliff dwellings in the four corners region of the US and the Anasazi tribe that made them could be related to the Inhumans as well.

Orollan has been used for a millennia by a tribe of Inhumans called the Lor.  A millennia ago that the Inhuman Royal family had a break that caused Inhumans to break a part.  Many of these subgroups left Earth to hide from the royal family.  The Lor are tribe that left Earth, but then secretly returned.  They set up a hidden in Orollan.

The Lor believe Terregenesis should be restricted to a only a select / elite few.  This was in part due to the fact that Terrigen Crystals were not an abundant resource and the Lor tribe only had enough to be used on a select few.

A philosophy of using Terrigen sparingly grew up around their society and the people of Orollan found other reasons not to use it:

This is done for a few reasons.  First some powers are dangerous, some people with power are dangerous and also some powers can cause hideous, life destroying mutations.

Destruction of Orollan by Thane:

The son of Thanos a man named Thane was hiding amongst the Lor.  When the Terrigen Bomb was activated the powers of Inhumans throughout Earth his own powers were activated.  Many of the other Lor entered the cocoon like transformation stage, but Thane's powers were immediatly activiated.  His powers were highly destructive and killed nearly everyone in Orollan.


Lash recruits

Lash begins to recruit a new Lor tribe or those he deems worthy.  He hopes to use these new Inhuman to challenge to rule of Inhumans by Queen Medusa.

Lash's recruits include:
Mother Bones 

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