Spider-Man to the MCU? Rumors


The SONY leaks have begun to add some tangible evidence for what is happening with everyone's favorite neighborhood Spider-Man.  While, Spider-Man has been bungled by SONY the character remains the number one merchandise generating comic character.  Spider-Man continues to make appearances in nearly every single Marvel event, he is their number one comic character by FAR.  Marvel has amazingly been able to grow their cinematic universe without Spider-Man.  The MCU is now considered to consist of the highest caliber CBMs of all time (Dark Knight excluded).  Marvel has greatly raised the bar in quality of comic book movies without the use of some their biggest tent pole characters.  Equally, amazing is how poorly Spider-Man has been used by SONY.  Many Marvel fans want to see the end of SONY control over the pivotal character, some have even called for boycotts of any SONY produced Spider-Man outing.

After the critical disappointment of Amazing Spider-Man 2, SONY has been attempting to find new footing.  They have plans for numerous Spidey projects.  Fans have reacted negatively to most of their ideas. Marvel has also come in with an offer.  Marvel has said, look, you guys have no freaking clue what you are doing at all. We know what we are doing, we just launched a successful franchise off the back of Rocket Raccoon.  Give us creative control of Spider-Man and we will bring him into the MCU, you can still distribute his films.  SONY is like WOW back off, we are geniuses,  we have all of this wonderful talent lined up for films, and all of these like IDEAS.  Also if all of our current ideas fail we could like just reboot Spidey again. 

Current problems at SONY may push them into negotiating with Marvel.  Spider-Man in MCU is seeming more and more likely.

SONY's Spider Man options:

Option 1: Keep on Going
Continue with their current plans to expand the Spider-Verse by releasing movies based off the lore of Amazing 2 that includes:

Sinister 6 movie - Villains being introduced in the Spidey films that may act as anti-heroes or heroes like DC's suicide squad.  What is really funny is that people do want to see Spider-Man battle the Sinister 6 done right, but no one wants to see this angle on it.  Also everyone hate's SONY's take on these villains.  They are the weakest part of the Amazing Spider-Man movies thus far.

Venom movie - Some fans particularly fans from 90s era of Venom/Spidey throw downs want this movie.  It might work if it is done well but after the terrible version of the character shown in Spider-Man 3 I have no faith in this at all.

Glass Ceiling movie - A female team from Spider-Man's mythos on an adventure against gender bias.  I see some big problems with this all over the freaking place. I started writing a novel on why I hate this idea.  I have deleted it all and will simply say for now I hate this idea.  It is such a terrible idea that I can't imagine who SONY hires over there that this is even entertained.  How hard would it be to put a couple of Spider-Man fans on retainer to veto crap like this.

Aunt May movie - Ok, I think this was just a rumor/ Joke.  Still I think that the fact that people believed this was true shows how little faith Spider-Man fans have in Sony.

Amazing Spider-Man 3 - To come out who knows when, to focus on who knows what, to star a very old Garfield.

Option 2:  Reboot Spider-Man again
Reboot with new producers and a new cast.   Potentially, get Sam Raimi back.  Honestly, I don't think this is likely to end much better.  Sam Raimi's movies were good at the time.  However, the bar has been raised by other CBMs.  Also people have seen Sam's vision and want to see something new.  My major worry with this plan is that we end up with a third Spider-Man origin story.  Spider-Man has a bazillion stories do we really need to see the same one for a third time?

Option 3: Spider-Man to enter the MCU
SONY will have to negotiate with Marvel for this option to work.  SONY will be forced to give up a lot of control of the character.  Marvel does not want SONY's garbage effecting their well built MCU engine.
As much as Marvel wants to have Spider-Man in the MCU and they surely do, they would be crazy to allow some one to come in and mess with the MCU.
The plus side for SONY is that they would keep much of the economics of the character and Spider-Man would be in the MCU.  Being in the MCU would be a boon to all of his solo films.   SONY in doing this may have to scuttle some of their other plans outlined in Option 1.   There will be no Sinister 6 movie, no Glass Ceiling movie, and potentially no Venom movie.  SONY will be giving up on the money streams from these projects.  Honestly, when I look at that gawd awful plan of projects, I think scuttling those is actually a bonus for SONY because they would have lost more money than they gained.  Marvel is basically saving SONY from themselves.  That said SONY is likely still deluded enough to think otherwise.

What does Spider-Man in the MCU look like from a fan perspective.

This would be my best guess:

Spider-Man shows up in a stinger at the end of Avengers 2 or AntMan and the crowd in the theaters across the world go APE CRAP SILLY.
Spider-Man shows up in what will be an awesome movie Cap 3 Civil War.
Spider-Man shows up in three to be determined solo films.  These films would likely be able to pull from the full Marvel stable of characters not just the Spider-Man related ones.
Spider-Man would show up in both Avengers Infinity War movies

Other notes on what MCU Spider-Man would be like:
Marvel would skip his well tread origin story (Thank gawd!)
Marvel would get new actors, new talents, new producers,  new everything.  It would be a clean slate.
The bizarre, confusing altered mythos of Spider-Man's origins would be wiped clean.  My guess is if anything they use the JMS origin mythos of  mystical spider mixed with science explanation that they currently favor in the Spider-Verse story.

As a fan I really am hoping for Option 3.  I might be able to enjoy Option 2 depending on how well its done.  If Option 1 goes forward I think I will be ignoring Spider-Man movies for the next 5 to 10 years.

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