Spider-Gwen art across the web

Spider Gwen by Stanley Lau AKA ArtGerm on Deviantart.com

 There has been a lot of art focused on the character Spider-Gwen.  Spider-Gwen is a character who comes from an alternative dimension where Gwen Stacey became Spider-Man instead of Spider-Man.  She has not been featured in very many comics yet but there has been a ton of fan activity on the character.  Here is some of the amazing fan made art.  It is hard not to love all of these.

Who is Spider-Gwen? 
Spider-Gwen Cosplay

Spider-Gwen by Chrissie Zullo

Spidey Couple by GwenCanDrawZat
By Gwencandrawzat on Deviant art

By Skyscraper48 on Deviantart

Sketch cover by Skyscraper48

By AbyssOkami

By AdryLavi

Who is Spider-Gwen? 
Spider-Gwen Cosplay 

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