Preview: Spider-Gwen #1

Cover by Sarah Pichelli
Preview: Spider-Gwen #1

Spider-Gwen has proven popular enough that Marvel is giving her a self titled series.  This is great news for those who want to see more Spider-Gwen.

The series will penned by Latour the writer that brought her to life in Edge of The Spider-Verse #2.  It will take place after the events of the Spider-Verse and will have Gwen getting back into the thick of her own world.  In an interview with Latour has said she will deal with the NYPD hunting her down, led by her own father.
Latuor has also hinted at an evil version of Daredevil, and the criminal menace of the Kingpin showing up.

I am really looking forward to seeing more Gwen in her own world and can't wait for this series.  Edge of The Spider-Verse #2 was such a great comic but it left everyone wanting a lot more.  Now we should get it!

Spider-Gwen number #1 is set to come out in Feb 2015.

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