Luke Cage and Jessica Jones have been cast

Major casting news came out today on Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.  We know now who three of the Defenders will be.  Only Iron Fist is still unknown.

The Defenders Saga - Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones 

Mike Colter will be Luke Cage

Mike Colter has been cast to play the role of Luke Cage.  This is a huge role for him, many people wanted this role so kudos to him for landing it.  Colter is most known for his role in the Following.  He has also played roles in the Good Wife, and has done voice work for the Halo video game franchise.  He also had a role in American Horror Story.  He has had a bunch of small roles but this Luke Cage part will be by far his biggest to date.  I don't know enough about him to judge him one way or the other.  The fact that he went up against so many other actors leaves me with the feeling that he will be good.

Krysten Ritter to be Jessica Jones
Krysten Ritter of Breaking Bad and Don't Trust tje B#$CH in Apartment B fame has landed the Jessica Jones role.  I did not think of her for this part, but I love her as an actress and I think she will kick it out of the park.

I am personally excited about both of these actors.  I really, really like Krysten Ritter casting, she is funny and has dramatic chops.  I think she is going to be an awesome Jessica Jones.  I would not be surprised for Jessica to go from obscurity to being an all time favorite character for many people.

Who are Jessica Jones and Luke Cage?  If you do not know fear not! Toylab to the rescue.  You can find out more about each Marvel hero below:

 Who is Luke Cage?

Who is Jessica Jones?

Jessica and Luke Cage are married in the comics and even have a child Danielle together.  
Do you think Colter and Ritter will make a cute couple?  I have a feeling they will pull it off.

The Defenders Saga - Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones 

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