Is Daniel Whitehall / The Kraken dead?

Is Daniel Whitehall / The Kraken dead?

In the season 2 midseason  finale of Agents of SHIELD the main villain Daniel Whitehall is shot in the chest and seemingly dies.  The question is did he really die or will he come back?

Some options:

Option 1 - Whitehall has special organs from Skye's mother that resist the aging process.  These organs could potentially bring him back to life.

Option 2 - Whitehall could be given the Kraken helm that his comic counterpart is famous for.  The Kraken helm provides armor, strength and various forms of protection.  Could it also heal his wounds?

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Option 3 - Cut off one head and two will fill its place.  As the Hydra motto goes absences in the organization are quickly filled.  Perhaps Ward and Agent 33 could take his spot.  This could also provide an opportunity to introduce other Hydra villains like Gorgon or Madame Hydra.

Option 4 - Jake Fury takes his place.  In the comics Whitehall is in a hospital bed dying.  The son of Nick Fury walks in and puts on the Kraken helm becoming the new Kraken.  Whitehall dies watching the new Kraken leave the room.

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