Iron Man 3 busts from Hottoys

When Iron Man III came out Hot Toys released a variety of busts.   If you recall at the end of Iron Man III Tony releases the full Iron Legion so we see a ton of different suits in action during that climax.  Hot Toys has statues, and busts of many of those different suits.

 I think they are very cool.  All of them look real and can light up.  The full deluxe set of busts can give off the effect of having your own mini hall of armor.
What to get your geek for Christmas? 
Who is Iron Man?

 Here is what they look like in Deluxe set box:

Keep Scale in mind when you purchase these.
They have different sets at a variety of scales 1/6, 1/4 etc.  Keep in mind that the 1/6 scale is relativity small.  1/4 Scale is a little bigger.  However, obviously the bigger the statue generally the more it is going to cost you.  They often have a picture that shows a person standing next to one so you can judge the scale.  I recommend looking at those.  I have seen purchase products like these and be disappointed because they thought they would be bigger.

If you think the 1/6 scale busts are too small, the check out the larger 1/4 scale ones below:

What to get your geek for Christmas? 
Who is Iron Man?


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