Scott Derrickson tweets out picture of Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

 Scott Derrickson Director of the upcoming moving Doctor Strange has been tweeting out various interesting pictures and quotes about Doctor Strange.

One of the most interesting was a picture that featured actor Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.  It is not an official photo it is fan art made by Don Miviso.  It is a photo that the director liked and tweeted.

The tweet was accompanied by the line:

"Strange but not a Stranger"

A very fitting lyric from the song "Burning Down the House," by the band the Talking Heads.

He also tweeted out an interesting line that caught my eye on the nature of evil.

Evil is not a created or pre-existing essence - it is an absence of good, so nothing is purely evil. #StAugustine #ThomasAquinas #CSLewis

 I found this line interesting because it makes me thing of Dormmamu and how the nature of good is alien to him.
 Does this mean Dormammu could be the villain in the movie?  I hope so that would be awesome!

Who is Dormammu?

Here are the tweets:

Who is Dormammu?
Doctor Strange Movie speculation and news                      

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