Comic Review: Scarlet Spiders #1

Review of Scarlet Spiders #1.

Toylab Rating out of 5
Story                          4
Characters                4
Action                        4
Extras                        4
Overall                      4

Scarlet Spiders is as interesting Spider-Verse side story that focuses on clones.  The clones of Spider-Man are united in a mission to find out where the clones of the Inheritors are coming from and destroy them.  The 3 clones are Kaine, Ben Reilly and Jessica Drew from the Ultimate Universe.  I enjoyed catching up with these characters, and especially against the backdrop of the Spider-Verse. 

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General Plot: 
The 3 clones then find themselves in world of clones.  All 3 of the primary characters have experienced trauma in large part due to their shared clone heritage.  What is most interesting is how each is very different from the other despite being clones of the same person.

Kaine is brooding and violent.  He fights angry, and brutally.  He is the violent Spider Other and it shows in his powers.

Ben Reilly is funny, light, and jovial in personality.  His fighting style is described as graceful, and swift.

Jessica is an observant, tactician.  In many ways Jessica is analyzing the clones to learn more about who she is.  I think what she has found so far is that she is like neither of them.

The differences of the 3 clones drives much of the internal monologue of the book, but meanwhile they are surrounded by a large amazing metropolis where all of the Inheritor clones come from.  This world is run by the cerebral Inheritor Jennix.  We have seen only bits and pieces of Jennix in Amazing #10 so it is interesting to see more of him.  The characters sneak around the world seeing waves of clones of civilians who must be used as workers by the Inheritors.  Then there is a battle between the police forces and the Spiders.

The ending does not go as far or deep into the world as I would of hoped.  We still do not get information on what the Inheritors are and how their cloning works.  Instead, we get a disturing attack on the team by a deranged alternative dimension version of Tony Stark.  This Stark is mad with praise for Jennix and can't wait for the Spiders to die.   Stark is convinced that not only will the Spider's lose to Jennix but that Jennix will reward him for sending the Spiders his way.   He tells them where Jennix's headquarters is......The Baxter building of course...

The Spider-Totems featured in this book are:

  Who is Kaine - Scarlet Spider?

Who is Ultimate Black Widow?   

Story - 4 -  I liked the idea of having all 3 Peter Parker clones together and somewhat realizing how different they are.  Even though they are clones they are still individuals.  I do wish we learned more about the world of Jennix.  The book saved these secrets for the future books in the series.
Characters - 4 - I have missed Ben Reilly, and it was great to see him in action.  Kaine was awesome in this book and while I knew very little about Black Widow going into this book, I enjoyed her character immensely.  As said before the contrast between the clones is really fascinating.  Are they the same person?  What makes a person who they are?

Action - 3 -  The 3 Spidey clones sneak around the world covertly for awhile but end up in a brawl with robots and a corrupted alternative dimension Iron Man.

Extras - 4 - I gave this a 4 because it is a #1 and also because it really moves the Spider-Verse forward by delving into the Inheritor Jennix who has not been shown much but seems to run the world where the family's clones come from.

Overall - 4 -  Do you like any of the Spider-Man clone characters?  Do you want to know how the Inheritors come back to life time and time again?  If you do you will enjoy this book.

Preview of Spider-Woman #1 with first panels 
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