Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man #11


Review of Amazing Spider-Man #11

Toylab Rating out of 5
Story                          5
Characters                5
Action                       5
Extras                       5
Overall                     5

Amazing Spider-Man 11 continues the story of the Spider-Verse.  It begins with an internal squabble and ends with a major blow against the Spiders.

Preview of Spider-Woman #1 with first panels 
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General Plot: 
The two main leaders of the Spider armies are the Superior Spider-Man (Spider-Man with Doctor Octopus's mind) and the Amazing Spider-Man.  The  Superior Spider-Man considers himself ... superior and thinks he should lead the group.  Meanwhile, the Amazing Spider-Man knows that would end in disaster.  Peter tells them all that he will lead the group due to his previous experience with the inheritors.
While this battle may not seem pivotal to the Spider-Verse, it is none the less a battle I have been waiting for.  Finally, Peter gets to punch Otto in his nose.  It is not a particularly long battle as Peter manages to win quite easily through a bit of trickery.

After the battle of the Spider-Men there are some fast interactions as Peter begins organizing the Spider force.  There are some fun interactions here.  One panel has Peter agreeing not to be overly protective of Spider-Gwen.  He checks in with the 2099 and clone teams.  He also sends out Young Spider-Man with the Ultimate Spider-Man to recruit more Spiders.  Things seem like they are going smoothly and it won't last.

Three Inheritors attack the Spider safe zone. The universe was considered safe because it was under the protection of a god like Cosmic Spider-Man.  The inheritors have attacked to claim the Scion.  The Scion is the only of three special Spider-Totems that has not been revealed.  Cosmic Spider-Man calls the Inheritors brazen for attacking in his universe.   He zap and kills the Inheritor Jendix but not before the latter manages to kill Spider-Monkey.  I really liked Spider-Monkey RIP buddy.  I feel like Spider-Verse needs to have farewell page to help readers decompress.
he third Inheritor is the father of the family, Solus.  Solus immediately begins mocking Cosmic Spider-Man and proceeds to eat him.  Yes apparently Solus can even kill a Spider-Man with god like powers.  He says his powers come from the entire Multiverse and are thus more powerful than anything in one universe.  He also says the cosmic energy is nothing more than what he eats.  His children could not handle eating so much energy but Solus claims his appetite is insatiable.

The end features Morlun capturing the Scion.  I will not reveal who the Scion is yet.

The Spiders meanwhile are forced to flee knowing that their are no safe places in the multi-verse.

The Spider-Totems featured in this book are:
Who is Spider-Man (616)?       

  Who is Spider-Gwen

Who is Spider-Ham?              

Who is SP//dr?                   

Superior Spider-Man                  

Who is Spider-B#$## (Ashely Barton)?              

  Who is Spider-Monkey?


Story - 5 - Superior vs Amazing, Solus battling Cosmic, Spider-Gwen talking to Peter, and revelation of the Scion.  This was a jammed pack, fast moving but still very coherent story.  The only bad thing was the death of my pal Spider-Monkey.  I will eat a banana or two in his honor tonight.
Characters - 5 - Great Spiders, Scary Inheritors

Action - 5 -  A battle with Superior vs Amazing that is awesome in itself.  A battle with a cosmic Spider-Man vs the King of the Inheritors that is purely Epic

Extras - 5 - Spider-Monkey, Cosmic Spider-Man and Jennix die.  The Scion is revealed and captured.   Solus's powerlevel is revealed. This may have been the most critical book of the Spider-Verse so far.

Overall - 5 - Awesome, perhaps not perfect but this book is very high quality in every category.

Preview of Spider-Woman #1 with first panels 
The Spider-Verse checklist  
Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse!

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