Baby Groot from Hot Toys

Many people are still searching for a baby Groot.  Leaving the theater from Guardians of the Galaxy everyone had this big awwww moment as baby Groot danced when Drax was not looking.

I have covered a few different versions of the Baby Groot.
Hot Toys have release a version of Baby Groot that is most accurate I have seen.  It is highly detailed and looks just like the Baby Groot from the film.  He is also highly pose-able.  The only thing this little guy does not do is dance.  I know some people really want one that can dance and this one does not do that.

What to get your geek for Christmas?

Baby Groot from Hot Toys in his package

He is actually reasonably priced for a Hot Toy he runs for a mere $45.  If you know anything about Hot Toys you know that is about as cheap as they come.

You can purchase him here:
Sideshow Toy Collectibles -Seller of Hot Toys

Scale wise:
He is made at 1/4 scale and 12 CM tall.  This means he roughly a quarter of the size of the baby Groot depicted in the film.

One other cool feature of this Baby Groot is that it is has Interchangeable heads so you can alter his personality.  I prefer happy Baby Groot myself :)
What to get your geek for Christmas?

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