Who is Steam Punk Lady Spider?

Who is Steampunk Lady Spider?

Steampunk Lady Spider is a version of Spider-Man/Woman from an alternative universe (? ).  This universe is a world where Steam powered technology is the norm, a steampunk universe.

First Appearance:  Spider-Verse #1
Penelope Parker is a woman in stuffy world that appears much like England in the 1800s except their technology is more advanced although still steam based.  Penelope is forced to attend a ball which seems to loath, she wears a big poofy dress.  When her world's version of Electro attacks she slips away, pulls off her dress revealing spider techno arms on her back.  She then springs into action against Electro.  She then runs smack dab into her world's version of the Sinister 6.  This version of the Sinister 6 seem to be led by Mysterio and they promptly disappear.

Lady Spider is then recruited into the SpiderVerse. 

Unknown - Has similar abilities of Spider-Man but uses mechanical arms.

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