Who is Spider-Monkey?


Who is Spider-Monkey

Spider-Monkey is a Spider-Man from an alternative universe (8101 and TRN502) where he is monkey instead of man.  In the 8101 universe all people are some form of Ape.  Universe TRN502 introduced in the Spider-Verse seems to be a separate but very similar universe to the 8101 universe.  He was a monkey mutated by a radioactive spider-bite to gain the powers of a spider.

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Family #1

While this Spider-Man may seem silly he is actually more brutal than the main (616) Spider-Man.  He has no issue killing villains who do not reform because that is the law of his world.  He does not challenge the ways of the world around him, the way the 616 version does.   He is among a group of Ape heroes who beat Doctor Ooktavius to death after he refuses to reform.

Similar to those of the main (616) Spider-Man but has the body of monkey.  This allows him to use his hand life feet of his simian body in different ways.  He is shown as being able to catch knives in mid air and throw them back at highly powerful villains.

The Marvel Apes world is full of version of the main Marvel characters in Ape form.
Venom in Marvel Apes world appears as a large Gorilla.

Spider-Monkey (8101) is recruited by the Superior Spider-Man to join a team to battle the Inheritors who are killing all of the Spider-Totems.  In a battle against the Inheritor twins Spider-Monkey manages to catch their knives in mid air and throw them sailing back into his assailants.

Spider-Monkey (TRN502) is seen talking to Silk.  He has seemingly been recruited by Spider-UK.  He seems to have the same powers and abilities as the 8101 version.

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