Who is Gorgon? ( Inhuman )

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Who is Gorgon?
Gorgon is a member of the Inhuman Royal Family.  He has superstrength and the ability to generate Shockwaves from stomping he feet.  His appearance is similar to that of a mythological satyr.  Gorgon will appear in the live-action Inhumans TV series, portrayed by Eme Ikwuakor.

First Appearance:  Fantastic 4 #44 (1965)

Name: Gorgon Petragon

Affiliations:  Inhuman Royal Family, Fantastic Four

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Gorgon Bio:

Gorgon is a cousin of King of Blackbolt.  He mutated from his exposure to Terrigen by getting hooved feet that can generate powerful seismic shock waves when he stomps.

He is considered one of Blackbolt's most loyal followers and often acts as the King's bodyguard.  He also trains those who have just been exposed to Terrigen.

Gorgon is responsible for siding with Blackbolt over the genetics council and hiding the King's child on Earth.   The Genetics Council feared the vast power potential of child from Medusa and Blackbolt and thus forbid it.

He did go against Blackbolt on one issue.  Blackbolt wanted to free the Alpha Primitives from servitude / slavery while Gorgon thought they should remain that way.  He is often shown as being a traditionalist, opposed to change, and sometimes quick to anger.

Gorgon is captured by US Military after a battle between human and Earth forces.  He is re-exposed to Terrigen which mutates him further.  After his second exposure he is more beastly looking and far more powerful.  He is later revealed to have reverted back to a human like appearance.

In the storyline of the series of Inhuman he is shown aiding Queen Medusa rebuilt a fallen Attilan and helping her track down her missing husband Blackbolt.  Gorgon is shot in the back by the NuMan villain Lineage.  The bullet pierces Gorgon's spine paralyzing him.  For a time Gorgon serves his Queen as a diplomat while restricted to a wheel chair.  His spine is healed by the NuMan Ash Panaceum.   

He battles the X-Men in the event Inhumans Vs X-Men where the mutants were attempting to stop the spread of Terrigen by destroying it.  Gorgon then helps the Inhumans battle the giant monsters in the event Monsters Unleashed.

Gorgon Powers:
  • Highly skilled fighter
  • Superstrength, exceptional even for an Inhuman
  • Seismic waves from stomping his feet


Gorgon will appear in the live-action Inhumans TV series, portrayed by Eme Ikwuakor (pronounced IK-WALKER).

Eme Ikwuakor is likely best well known as Hank in the show How to get Away with Murder.  He has had small roles in many shows including Castle, We are Angels, The Comeback, Colony.  He also had a role in the film Concussion.

Gorgon seems to have the same role in the film as he has in the comics as the Royal family's ultimate protector.

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