Who is Black Widow - Jessica Drew? (1610)


Who is Black Widow - Jessica Drew?

Black Widow Jessica Drew is from the alternate Ultimates Dimension known as 1610.  In this dimension she is the clone of the original Spider-Man Peter Parker but is a female.  She is born with some of Peter Parker's childhood memories and his powers.  As she has grown older (She is only a few years old) many of these falsely imprinted memories have faded.  She must deal with the fact that she was born from a  science experiment like the rest of the Spider-Man clones.  In addition to the normal clone baggage she must deal with having male memories with now being in a female body.  Jessica has a strong attraction to red headed females,but it is not clear if these emotions are her own or if they are from Parker's memories.  Jessica initially goes by Spider-Woman but later changes her name to Black Widow when she joins SHIELD.

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First Appearance:
As Spider-Woman - Ultimate Spider-Man #98
As Black Widow - All new Ultimates #1


Doctor Octopus as part of a work release program with the CIA to create a variety of clones of Spider-Man.  The female version of Peter Parker is called Jessica Drew.
She awakens into a confusing scenario with all of the clones of Peter Parker free and debating where they should go.  They all decide to escape.  Jessica hopes to keep the other clones from messing with Parker but finds she is too late.  Mary Jane is kidnapped.  Initially, Parker and Jessica are in conflict when he thinks she had something to do with the kidnapping.  The two learn that Kaine did the kidnapping and work on battling the crazy clone.  The two then also defeat Doctor Octopus. After the ordeal Jessica goes off to create her own her own life beneath the name of Jessica Drew.
She joins SHIELD, and later the super group called the Ultimates.  She eventually goes by the name moniker Black Widow.

She is recruited to join Superior Spider-Man's team of spider totems while hanging with Miles Morales.  They think that Superior is the Peter Parker version of the 616 Spider-Man but soon realize their mistake when they meet the real Spider-Man.
Jessica joins Ben Reilly and Kaine in the infiltration of the Inheritor world where the clones are coming from.  This is interesting because all 3 are clones of Peter Parker.

Roughly the same as Peter Parker (616) but can shoot organic webbing from her hands.

Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 
What is the Spider-Verse?  
Who is Spider-Man? 
Who is Morlun?

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