Who is Assassin Spider-Man?

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Who is Assassin Spider-Man?

The Assassin Spider-Man is an alternate version of Spider-Man who is comfortable with killing.

First Appearance: What if? Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine #1
Last Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #11

Assassin Spider-Man is from an alternative universe (8351) where Spider-Man teamed up with Wolverine as a mercenary and assassin.  This Spider-Man is completely ice cold and willing to kill to accomplish his mission. He does not joke. This Spider-Man had an ex wife named Mary Jane Watson that he left.  He now has a romantic partner called Alex (She resembles Gwen Stacey)

Assassin Spider-Man shoots bullets out of his Web gauntlets instead of webs.  He does still shoot webs but they are black instead of white.

He joins up with Superior Spider-Man to battle the inheritors in the Spider-Verse.  He was killed in battle in Amazing Spider-Man #11 by Daemos the Inheritor.

Almost identical to 616 Spider-Man
Is shown have a heightened Spider-Sense in battle that leans toward full on precognition.  Can predict a Sniper trying to shoot his partner Wolverine from 100s of feet away.

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