What to get your Geek for Christmas 2014 - Zombie Fan edition


Have a Zombie fan you need to shop for?  With Walking Dead continuing to pull in massive views it has never been a better time to be a fan of the...Undead.

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We are not paid or affiliated by any of these people/companies.  These ideas are strictly meant as a review from from a fellow customer.  As such we make no guarantees on anything, quality, service, etc.

Here are some Christmas Present ideas from ToyLab:

Byron Rempel - Zombie Totes.
For $22 you can buy a cool Tote bag with art from Byron Rempel.  He has a large variety of zombie art available to be plastered on the front.  These are not available in brick and mortar stores as far as I know.  The good news is that you can easily order them from the society6 website and have a very unique fashion accessory to match a zombie obsession.
Byron Rempel -Zombie totes

The Neato Shop

Zombie Gingerbread Man ornament

Zombie - Ornaments, Keychains and all kinds of things from the NeatoShop
Neatoshop - Zombies 

The Neatoshop has a fairly big selection of Zombie themed everything.  Check it out for presents or a unique stocking stuffer.

Books and graphic novels by Max Brooks
Max Brooks - The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks
For Zombie Fans wanting to Expand their horizons past The Walking Dead I would urge them to check out the works of Max Brooks.  Max has a variety of interesting novels and graphic novels.  The most famous of which are the Zombie Survival guide and  World War Z made into a motion picture.

You can learn more about Max Brooks and his books at:
Max Brooks Zombie World

Funko Walking Dead mini figures
These figures can be found in most department stores.  They are a lot of fun at a small price.  Most Walking Dead fans will enjoy having a few of these cute guys lying around.

For more info on these guys go to --> Series 1 and 2 Funko Walking Dead minis

High End Displays
For those wanting to buy something expensive there are some cool items from Gentle Giant and Shop The Walking Dead
Closer look at Gentle Giant Walking Dead Busts and Displays

For someone who really wants to display their love for Zombies and the Walking Dead, Gentle Giant makes very life like busts and displays based on the show.  Many of which are extremely awesome!


Be Sure to check out more ideas on:
What to get your geek for Christmas?

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