What to get your Geek for Christmas - Agents of SHIELD edition

Art from the upcoming SHIELD #1 by Mark Waid

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What to get your geek for Christmas?

Main SHIELD website:
The main website connects to Think Geek products, Cafepress products and Amazon.  It is well worth checking out and a great place to start.

Her Universe
This is a clothes shop especially designed for Geek females.  It was founded by Ashely Eckstein who is known to many as the voice of Ahsoka Tano.  Her relationship with Lucas arts has done great things for her clothing brand that now includes licenses for just about everything.

The coolest Agents of SHIELD shirt I have seen is from HerUniverse.  It is this Hydra Takeover glow tank top.  In the light, it appears to be an ordinary SHIELD emblem tanktop, but in the dark a Hydra symbol glows.
Hydra Takeover Glow Tank

Agents of SHIELD gifts from Cafe Press
Cafepress has a huge assortment of Agents of SHIELD products.  They everything from mugs, clothes, glasss, keychains,  and even dry erase boards.

You could easily pick up something small for a stocking stuffer or something bigger here.

Hydra  and SHIELD Shirts

Glasses so you can feel even cooler while consuming a libation

 SHIELD comic books:
You can always get an Agents of SHIELD comic book.  They have been pretty good and have characters in the show interacting with the heroes of the Marvel universe.

Inhuman Series
Another current comic idea is comics from the Inhumans run called Inhuman. This series is where Lash made his big splash into the Marvel universe.  Other characters and themes are being used as well.

Steranko's SHIELD Books:
 Another thought from the comic realm is picking up some of the classic SHIELD books.  There is some very famous stories and art in some SHIELD books.  My personal favorite are the books done by artist Jim Steranko.  Prior to the shows debut Steranko was likely the most famous name other than Nick Fury attached to SHIELD.

Steranko worked on Nick Fury: Agents of SHIELD in 1968. 
#1-3, 5, plus covers; covers only: #4, 6-7 (Jun-Dec. 1968)
 Some of his SHIELD work also falls under the title of Strange Tales

This art work is very famous and stands out today.  At the time his layouts and designs were considered revolutionary.  You can find them pretty easily on Ebay.  The costs will vary depending on the condition of what you are buying.  Be careful what you purchase as I have seen such things as the torn off cover for sale.

My personal favorite covers by Jim are from  Nick Fury Agents of SHIELD #4 and #5

Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #4

Nick Fury: Agents of SHIELD #5
Bus Blue Print
One more idea that could be very cheap but may require some work.

You could print out this Blue Print of the Bus - Mobile HQ and frame it, or just roll up in a poster tube.  I know Marvel gave these away at one of the Comic Cons but I have never seen them for sale online.  If anyone finds an official site let me know. 


Have other SHIELD gift ideas, feel free to comment and I will add them.

Be Sure to check out more ideas on:
What to get your geek for Christmas?

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