What is the City from the alien writing in Agents of SHIELD?

 In the Agents of SHIELD episode the "Writing on the Wall" it is revealed that the alien writing that Coulson and others subjected to the alien serum GH 325 become obsessed with is actually a map of a city.

 What city could this be?

What we know:
1) The blue alien corpse is the origin of the GH 325 serum and the writing is from one of his ancient memories passed through his DNA.
2) The blue alien appears to be a Kree.
3) The writing is a map of a 3 dimensional city
4) Skye was not affected by the serum due to likely alien DNA.
5) Skye's father seems to understand the writing, and the Obelisk which is also covered in the writing.

Here are pictures of the map of the city as shown by Coulson.

So what city is it?
To me the city that is most likely represented by the alien writing would be the city of Attilan.

I have long believed that Skye and her father are part of the Inhuman race.  The Inhuman's live in an ancient city that they created in part to keep out other humans.  This city is called Attilan.  The Inhumans themselves were created by the Kree as biological weapons.  The Inhumans are left at on there own. When the Kree return the Inhumans fight them off.  The blue corpse could have been killed in an Inhuman revolt or from a Kree diplomat/spy seeking out the Inhumans.

Learn more about Attilan below:
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Maybe part of what we think of as Attilan is separate like the Temple of Randac?
What is the Temple of Randac?

One other idea is that the city could be the city of Hala the throne world of the Kree Empire.  I don't think this is the case because the agents would need to travel a great distance in space to get there.
What is Hala - Capital City of the Kree Empire

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