Preview Spider Woman #1 Welcome to the Spiderverse

First this comic looks like it is going to be awesome.  The Spiderverse event has greatly impressed me so far.  This book looks like it will be no exception.  It will not only be Spider-Woman#1 but will also star the fan favorite character Silk.

All of this is true, but I still must take a moment to rant and rave about the stupid scandal that blew up a month ago when the previews for the covers were shown.

The faux Manara scandal (Ginned up for click bait at supposed feminist blogs) 
Part of me is still peeved at how the Milo Manara was treated over how a great artist was attacked by a mob for his variant cover that was deemed "Too Sexy" by a group of puritanical inquistio-nazis.  For more on that outrage see:
Backlash of Manara Spider-Woman cover leads to censorship 

I will still try to buy  Spider-Woman number 1 with this cover.  However, from my early research it will be very hard to get.  It seems the controversy has greatly increased demand on what always was going to be a very limited variant cover printing. With out the controversy this cover would have been so rare that there was almost no likelihood of it ever being seen on a shelf in the first place.  Now with the controversy I think these books will fetch well over a $100 on Ebay.

Alright my angry rant is over.  Now enjoy what looks like will be an amazing first issue of Spider-Woman.

Who is Silk? 
Who is Spider-Man? 
Who is Morlun?
Backlash of Manara Spider-Woman cover leads to censorship

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