Did Agents of SHIELD just introduce Skye's Mom?

In the episode the "The Things we bury" we are introduced to a mysterious woman who is not given a name.  She speaks very little the entire episode.

The women is amongst a group of villagers who Daniel Whitehall has captured.  He is experimenting on the effect of the Obelisk (Now known as the Diviner).  He finds that she is the only person who is able to touch it.  SHIELD raids his base and captures him, interrupting his planned study on the woman.

40 years later, Hydra frees Whitehall from a SHIELD prison and takes him to his old lab.  They reveal they have found the same mysterious woman.  Amongst a group of villagers she is shown not having aged at all.  Whitehall then experiments on her, dissects and kills her.  In doing so he seems to unlock the means of restoring his youth which he does.

The body of the woman is found by Skye's father, who calls her his love.  He swears to get vengance on the man that killed her ie Whitehall.

Tieing it all together

This episode would seem to suggest that the village attacked and captured by Hydra was the village in Hunan province where Skye was taken from.  The woman would certainly seem to be her mother.

There is also more added to the legend.  A line about blue angels descending from the stars to end humanity or at least weed out humanity.  This is another detail that seems to link the Blue Kree aliens and their experimentation on humans that lead to the creation of the Inhumans.

The Mysterious woman/ Skye's mother was played by Dichen Lachman who also played a character in Whedon's former show Dollhouse.  She is also a character in the show 100.  Due to the fact she seems to be dead it is unclear if she will appear again.  My guess is that she will in some kind of flashback.

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