Comic Review: Spider-Verse #1

Toylab Rating out of 5
Story                          3
Characters                4
Action                        3
Extras                        3
Overall                      3.5

If Spider-Verse #1 was a food it would be delicious but not quite filling.  It is full of fun and novel ideas but none of them are developed enough to fully enjoy them.  In this sense it is a great, but somewhat frustrating read.

Preview of Spider-Woman #1 with first panels 
The Spider-Verse checklist  
Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 

General Plot: 
Spider-Verse #1 is set up much like the Edge of  the Spider-Verse books.  We meet a Spider-Man from a different universe see them in a brief battle and at the end they are either recruited by a Spider Squad or brutally killed by by one of the Inheritors.  The difference is that the Edge of the Spider-Verse books were entire books devoted to one character.  Spider-Verse #1 is one book divided into several micro sections.  Each section focusing on a separate character.

The characters and art in the book are top notch as are the very short stories.  The stories just are not very long.

The main Spider-Totems focused on in the book are Manga Spider-Man and the Steampunk Spider-Lady.  I really enjoy both characters.  The Manga Spider-Man was a character I remember from years ago.   He has only been featured a few times.  It was great to see him get a little love here.
The Steampunk world of Spider Lady looks amazing

Steampunk Spider-Lady is a spider character from a Steampunk universe.  The art in her story was really amazing and cool.  The Steampunk version of the Sinister 6 was especially interesting.

Other cool things in this book are the Hostess Spider-Man and Newspaper Comic Spider-Man.  These stories are set up almost like a couple of gags.  There is the Spider-Man from the Hostess comic ads of long ago and in this one he is hunted down and eaten by Morlun.

The newspaper Spider-Man story has Morlun entering the 2 panel short comics that used to be inserted into the Newspaper comics section.  Here Morlun finds himself in a bit of a time warp due to the fact that the first panel almost always repeats what the last panel of the previous issue did.  Morlun is completely confused by this phenomena and the world seems to disappear before he can kill the Newspaper Spider-Man.  Both of these stories are somewhat funny and very novel.

The Spider-Totems featured in this book are:

Who is Steampunk Spider Lady?

Who is Manga Spider-Man?                        
Who is Hostess Spider-Man?                          

Story - 3 -  This really should be called stories.  They are well written but short.  Just as you are getting into a character you are taken somewhere else.  There are also some fun and novel pages in this book.
Characters - 4 -Some great Spider-Men and women are show cased here.  I really enjoyed catching up with Manga Spider-Man.  Also I really loved the style, art and attitude of the steampunk Lady Spider.

Action - 3 -  Not much action other than a battle with the Lady Spider and her world's Sinister 6 and a brief battle in the first story with Venom.

Extras - 4 - First appearance of Steampunk Spider Lady?  I am not sure on this.  No major occurrences otherwise.  Some of the Novel story lines like Twinki Spider-Man may be talked about.  Also it is a #1 of a major event.

Overall - 3.5 - This is a good book but does not develop the Spider-Verse story at all.  It really is just a big book of Edge of The Spider-Verse stories.  Did you like Edge of the Spider-Verse?  If you did you will likely enjoy this.  The one difference is that the Edge of Spider-Verse stories had more space to write one solid story with a character.  Here each character is only given a few pages max.

Preview of Spider-Woman #1 with first panels 
The Spider-Verse checklist  
Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 

Who is Black Widow - Jessica Drew? (1610)

Who is Black Widow - Jessica Drew?

Black Widow Jessica Drew is from the alternate Ultimates Dimension known as 1610.  In this dimension she is the clone of the original Spider-Man Peter Parker but is a female.  She is born with some of Peter Parker's childhood memories and his powers.  As she has grown older (She is only a few years old) many of these falsely imprinted memories have faded.  She must deal with the fact that she was born from a  science experiment like the rest of the Spider-Man clones.  In addition to the normal clone baggage she must deal with having male memories with now being in a female body.  Jessica has a strong attraction to red headed females,but it is not clear if these emotions are her own or if they are from Parker's memories.  Jessica initially goes by Spider-Woman but later changes her name to Black Widow when she joins SHIELD.

Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 
What is the Spider-Verse?  
Who is Spider-Man? 
Who is Morlun?

First Appearance:
As Spider-Woman - Ultimate Spider-Man #98
As Black Widow - All new Ultimates #1


Doctor Octopus as part of a work release program with the CIA to create a variety of clones of Spider-Man.  The female version of Peter Parker is called Jessica Drew.
She awakens into a confusing scenario with all of the clones of Peter Parker free and debating where they should go.  They all decide to escape.  Jessica hopes to keep the other clones from messing with Parker but finds she is too late.  Mary Jane is kidnapped.  Initially, Parker and Jessica are in conflict when he thinks she had something to do with the kidnapping.  The two learn that Kaine did the kidnapping and work on battling the crazy clone.  The two then also defeat Doctor Octopus. After the ordeal Jessica goes off to create her own her own life beneath the name of Jessica Drew.
She joins SHIELD, and later the super group called the Ultimates.  She eventually goes by the name moniker Black Widow.

She is recruited to join Superior Spider-Man's team of spider totems while hanging with Miles Morales.  They think that Superior is the Peter Parker version of the 616 Spider-Man but soon realize their mistake when they meet the real Spider-Man.
Jessica joins Ben Reilly and Kaine in the infiltration of the Inheritor world where the clones are coming from.  This is interesting because all 3 are clones of Peter Parker.

Roughly the same as Peter Parker (616) but can shoot organic webbing from her hands.

Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 
What is the Spider-Verse?  
Who is Spider-Man? 
Who is Morlun?

Star Wars - The Force Awakens Trailer and Pictures

The Millennium Falcon, Storm Troopers, Tie Fighters, and Light sabers are back, with some new faces.

What do you think of the new Star Wars- The Force Awakens trailer.  It is a little short, but provides an idea of what the movie will feel like.  It looks like a slicker version of the original trilogy.

Also check out the amazing art from the upcoming new comic series from Marvel!
Star Wars returns to Marvel this February

Here are some pictures from the Trailer:

Storm Troopers

Sith with broadsword like light saber:

Millennium Falcon facing off against Tie Fighters

A new droid

A new male character.  He looks pretty nervous here and is dressed as a Storm Trooper

A new female character

X-Wing pilot

X-Wings flying in low over water...yeah I thought this looked awesome!!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/star-wars-episode-vii-force-awakens.jpg

Star Wars returns to Marvel this February

Who is Steam Punk Lady Spider?
Who is Steampunk Lady Spider?

Steampunk Lady Spider is a version of Spider-Man/Woman from an alternative universe (? ).  This universe is a world where Steam powered technology is the norm, a steampunk universe.

First Appearance:  Spider-Verse #1
Penelope Parker is a woman in stuffy world that appears much like England in the 1800s except their technology is more advanced although still steam based.  Penelope is forced to attend a ball which seems to loath, she wears a big poofy dress.  When her world's version of Electro attacks she slips away, pulls off her dress revealing spider techno arms on her back.  She then springs into action against Electro.  She then runs smack dab into her world's version of the Sinister 6.  This version of the Sinister 6 seem to be led by Mysterio and they promptly disappear.

Lady Spider is then recruited into the SpiderVerse. 

Unknown - Has similar abilities of Spider-Man but uses mechanical arms.

Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 
What is the Spider-Verse?  
Who is Spider-Man? 
Who is Morlun?

Happy Thanksgiving - Thank you everyone

There are many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Toylab is hitting the 500 post mark and we want to thank all of our fans for making this blog a great success.  We discussed what we should  do.  What should our 500th post be about and very quickly we all agreed that it should say........



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What is the temple of Randac?

The temple of Randac is the location where Randac conducted the first Terregenesis.  The temple is shown in the comics as being within Attilan.  However, it predates Attilan by 18000 years.

 25,000 years ago King Randac ruled the Inhumans and invents Terregenesis.  7000 years ago King Myran leads the Inhumans away from humanity and creates Attilan.

The fact that King Randac is so much older than Myran means there could be Inhuman substructures around other than Attilan. 

This could be where the Agents of SHIELD are headed if not to Attilan itself.

The temple briefly appears in Uncanny X-Men First Class #1 and 2.  Nightcrawler angers the Inhumans by going there. It seems to be the spot where Terregenesis is still occurring.

Inhumans CheatSheet for Agents of SHIELD fans
Who is King Randac of the Inhumans? 

What to get your Geek for Christmas 2014 - Zombie Fan edition

Have a Zombie fan you need to shop for?  With Walking Dead continuing to pull in massive views it has never been a better time to be a fan of the...Undead.

Be Sure to check out more ideas on:
What to get your geek for Christmas?

We are not paid or affiliated by any of these people/companies.  These ideas are strictly meant as a review from from a fellow customer.  As such we make no guarantees on anything, quality, service, etc.

Here are some Christmas Present ideas from ToyLab:

Byron Rempel - Zombie Totes.
For $22 you can buy a cool Tote bag with art from Byron Rempel.  He has a large variety of zombie art available to be plastered on the front.  These are not available in brick and mortar stores as far as I know.  The good news is that you can easily order them from the society6 website and have a very unique fashion accessory to match a zombie obsession.
Byron Rempel -Zombie totes

The Neato Shop

Zombie Gingerbread Man ornament

Zombie - Ornaments, Keychains and all kinds of things from the NeatoShop
Neatoshop - Zombies 

The Neatoshop has a fairly big selection of Zombie themed everything.  Check it out for presents or a unique stocking stuffer.

Books and graphic novels by Max Brooks
Max Brooks - The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks
For Zombie Fans wanting to Expand their horizons past The Walking Dead I would urge them to check out the works of Max Brooks.  Max has a variety of interesting novels and graphic novels.  The most famous of which are the Zombie Survival guide and  World War Z made into a motion picture.

You can learn more about Max Brooks and his books at:
Max Brooks Zombie World

Funko Walking Dead mini figures,650x/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/f/u/funko_mystery_minis_the_walking_dead_series_2_3.jpg
These figures can be found in most department stores.  They are a lot of fun at a small price.  Most Walking Dead fans will enjoy having a few of these cute guys lying around.

For more info on these guys go to --> Series 1 and 2 Funko Walking Dead minis

High End Displays
For those wanting to buy something expensive there are some cool items from Gentle Giant and Shop The Walking Dead
Closer look at Gentle Giant Walking Dead Busts and Displays

For someone who really wants to display their love for Zombies and the Walking Dead, Gentle Giant makes very life like busts and displays based on the show.  Many of which are extremely awesome!

Be Sure to check out more ideas on:
What to get your geek for Christmas?

The Spider-Verse Checklist

Here is the checklist for the Spider-Verse event:
Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 
What is the Spider-Verse?  
Who is the Scion? Spider-Verse questions 
Spider-Verse casualties list 
Who are the Inheritors?

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Who is the Scion? Spider-Verse Questions?


Update: The Scion has been revealed.  I am not going to give it away here just yet though.  

Ezekiel seems to have the best handle on what the conflict with the Inheritors is about.  How the totems work and all the mysticism behind it.
As a version of Ezekiel dies he tells Peter that all that matters is three special totems.

The Bride - We know this is Silk
The Other - We know this is the Scarlet Spider Kane
The Scion - ????
Is Mayday the Scion?
Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 
What is the Spider-Verse?  
Who is Spider-Man? 
Who is Morlun?
Who is Venom?

Scion means "Descendant of a noble family".  This has many people thinking that Mayday Parker who is the daughter of Spider-Man will be the Scion.  She definitely seems to be a logical choice to be the Scion but I see some reasons to believe this is not the case.
The first is that the scent of the Bride and the Other is said too be super strong and off the charts.  The two identified with this trait are Silk and the Other.  No one has said anything about Mayday yet.  It could also be Mayday's younger brother who has not seemed to left the realm of the cosmic Spider-Man.  He is however just a baby.  If Scion was around it would Ezekiel would have mentioned it.

Who is Venom?

The other question when you look at these totem titles is they are all relation to someone.  The question is who?  Everyone assumes that it is the main Peter Parker/ Amazing Spider-Man from 616.  However there is no real evidence that say this is the case.

One other option for the Scion I have thought about is Venom.  Venom is off in space so he has not been around which would explain why no one has been identified as the Scion.  Venom is also very much a Scion of Spider-Man in that it took his powers from him and somewhat remade itself in his image.  In the greater sense the Venom symbiote is the child of the Spider powers in Parker.

(Some great ideas from the comments section)

Third option: Karn (Idea from Alejandro Perez)
Karn is another option.  Karn is an outcast of the Inheritors.  He was the favored son in the family but faltered as he and his mother attempted to capture the master weaver.  His delay was caused by feelings of mercy.  Due to the delay in his attack his mother is slain and he is banished from the family.  He is a son of a noble house and seems to be unique, could he be scion?

Fourth option Miles Morales (Idea from Larry McAtee)
Miles has not been around the others enough to know whether or not his Spider Scent is as strong as Silk's or Kaine's.  He is kind of a descendant of his universe's Peter Parker.

Fifth option Silk is Pregnant (Idea from Larry McAtee)
Could Silk be pregnant with Peter Parker's child?  That child would be a descendant of not one but two spiders totems.



The Scion has been revealed who is it?


Who it really is?

The Scion is Benji Parker
The Scion is the youngest of the Spider-Totems.  Benji Parker the baby brother of Mayday Parker.

Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 
What is the Spider-Verse?  
Who is Spider-Man? 
Who is Morlun?
Who is Venom?

Review: Superior Spider-Man #27

Review of Superior Spider-Man #27

Spoilers, Spoilers and then some Spoilers

Goblin nation is here.  Guess what?  There are a lot of Goblin in this story.  The Green Goblin reveals that he has played Spider-Man and that his forces have been growing under the Spider's nose.  Otto learns what he thought was a minor bug that allowed the Hobgoblins to run free is a major exploit that allowed the Green Goblin build up an army all around him.  When the Goblin drops the gauntlet it is up to Otto to prove once and for all that he is the Superior Spiderman.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker looks for footing in the mindscape but finds more than he bargains for.

The world feels like it comes crashing down in this book.  The art has a great gritty quality that adds to the sense of overwhelming chaos.

Otto Octavius's tenure as Spiderman is reaching its end.  When Parker is back he is going to be handed a city in flames.

Mary Jane by cosplayer Naomi Vonkreeps

Here is a Mary Jane cosplay that really reminds me of the cover of Amazing Spider-Man by J Scott Campbell.  I have posted a picture of J Scott Campbell cover below it is one of my all time favorite covers of MJ.

Naomi Vonkreeps is a cosplayer from Canada and does a ton of great cosplay.  If you like Assassins Creed or Star Wars you will like a lot of her stuff.  She also has a spectacular, well organized site that I recommend everyone checking out at:

You can also buy prints of her pictures at: 

More Cosplay! 
Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 
Who is Spider-Woman? 
Who is Silk?
 Here is the cover by J. Scott Campbell.  At the time some people thought it was a too sexy version of Mary Jane.  However the picture has become very popular.  I actually think this may now be the most popular image of Mary Jane.  I am trying to think of another and other than her very first appearance this is the one that really stands out.  The heart shaped Spidey Symbol shirt shows up in cosplay and even on the Mary Jane Lego figure.
Beyond the sexyness of Mary Jane the cover is also very smart.  It was one that really showed the growing gap between MJ and Peter that eventually led to their.....Uh break up by Demonic Alter-Reality ifying Magic.
Spider-Man is swinging off.  MJ is wearing his T-Shirt as she loves him, and is his biggest fan.  You can see the portrait of the two together in love.  Her eyes and pose though speak of her worrying over him, and perhaps wanting more of him.  He belongs as much to the city as he does to her.  All of his hard work seems to only get him ridicule from the town paper as can be seen by the Daily Bugle sitting on his table.

Yes, I was not joking.  This cover looks to have inspired her lego.  See below.

More Cosplay! 
Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 
Who is Spider-Woman? 
Who is Silk?