Who is the girl in Age of Ultron trailer standing behind Thor?

There is a girl in a blue dress standing behind Thor creating quite a stir.  Why because we do not know who she is.

The actress here is Claudia Kim from Korea.  It has not however been revealed which character she is playing.

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One rumor I saw described her character as a potential villain.  Other rumors have described her role as a scientist friend of Tony Stark.  She certainly does not appear to be a villain in the picture above.

Here are some possibilities:

Villains: Madame Masque or Madame Hydra
If she is a villain perhaps she is one of the female Hydra agents like Madame Hydra or Madame Masque.  Neither is Asian in the comics but they could certainly alter the character if just to surprise us.

 Madame Hydra / Viper is a Hydra agent, Madame Masque is an Iron Man villain.

Madame Masque
Madame Hydra


Monica Chang:
Monica Chang was an integral part of the Avengers A.I. team
If she is a hero than perhaps she could be Monica Chang an AI guru.  Her presence here would seem to fit the bill with the invention of Ultron a very advanced AI.  Monica is one of the greatest minds in the AI field her presence would make sense as Stark develops Ultron.

The Ultimates version of Monica Chang is a SHIELD agent, Soldier and the ex wife to Nick Fury.

In the Main Marvel Universe Monica Chang is the chief of SHIELD A.I. division.  Hank Pym manages to destroy the Ultron A.I. with a virus.  However, this virus mutates to become a powerful threat called Dimitros.  Chang then meets with Pym to form the Avengers A.I. a team specially designed to deal with A.I. threats.

My money is on Monica Chang.  Her presence here seems to make the most sense.

See the epic Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer HERE!
Avengers Age of Ultron - News, Speculation, and bios   

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