What is the Obelisk? The Diviner? Agents of SHEILD Speculation

Everyone in Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD wants a mysterious Obelisk that seems to kill every "human" that touches it.  What is it?

We interupt this post to bring you a big bombshell?
Inhumans #8 is going to be huge and it ties into Agents of SHIELD

Is Skye an Inhuman? 
Who are the Inhumans?
What is Attlian?
Who are the Kree? 

What we know:
  • Humans who touch the Obelisk seem to wither and die.  They are transformed to something dead.  This effect even worked on the Absorbing Man when he picked up with his hand transformed into rubber.
  • Hydra initially had the Obelisk at the same site where the blue corpse (Likely a Kree) was found.  Due to this it is likely connected in some way to the Kree.
  • Hydra likely knows more about the history of the object than does SHIELD as it was at their facility.
  • The object was the initial 0-8-4 Device of unknown origin.  All Coulson/Fury know of it is the trail of bodies it leaves behind.
  • It has the similar patterns to those drawn by Coulson and Garrett after taking the GH 325 serum derived from the blue (Kree) corpse.
  • Raina and Skye's father are able to hold the device without it killing them.  It is as though Obelisk is saying you are genetically ok to use me.  Skye's father tells Raina he will show her how to use it, if she delivers him his daughter.  This means that the object has a higher purpose than simply killing people.
  • Skye's Father who seems to have super strength calls it the "Diviner". 
  • Skye's father says its purpose is to do something very cool, to the appropriate people inside the mysterious city. He also compares the Deviner to a key.
One more important thing:
The promotions for Agents of SHIELD all used some mix of the words:
"What will they Become?"
Raina's question for the Clairvoyant was "What will I become?"
This question seems to be the central theme of Season 2, and this artifact seems central to the season as well so they are very likely related.  This would mean that the object's true power is not to kill people but to change them...or perhaps to phrase it differently reveal their true nature.

What is it?


 Obelisk is a Terrigen Crystal
Terrigen Crystal emerging from the Obelisk

Skye, Raina and Trip in Temple watching the Obelisk open and revealing a crystal

The Obelisk is the MCU's version of a Terrigen Crystal.  It does not look like a crystal until it opens up and then the crystal is revealed.  The Obelisk around the crystal seems to have a variety of functions.  It protects the crystal, kills people not meant to use it, and seems to even communicate / be connected with other obelisks.

What is a Terrigen Crystal?
Terrigen Crystals are central to the race called the Inhumans.  Inhumans are like mutants whose powers are only activated when they are exposed to the Terrigen Mists which emanate from the Terrigen Crystals.  Terrigen can make them into monsters or it can make them into super powerful beings.  This question explains why the question of change, and what will I become is tied to its purpose.

Why the Name Diviner?
The Diviner is actually another reference to the Inhumans.  Inhuman hackers are called Diviners in the series Silent War.

Why the Kree connection?
The Inhumans are effectively human beings that were experimented on by the Kree to be weaponized. They are living breathing Kree nuclear bombs.

Why are the Kree interested in Human beings?  Read ---> Earth in the Marvel Universe

The Kree also are constantly attempting to regain control of the Inhumans.  The dead Kree could be a Kree agent that was found and killed by the Inhumans.
It could even be the Kree emissary that was killed by a young Blackbolt (King of the Inhumans) that resulted in the death of his parents and the insanity his brother.


Raina and Skye
The most important implications of this are for Raina and Skye because it effectively means that both are at least partially Inhumans.

Attlian the city of the Inhumans has existed on Earth for a longtime.  Over that time some Inhumans have bred with humans and thus much of the human population has Inhuman DNA.  This seems to be what Skye's father, Raina and Skye are.  Skyes father could be an Inhuman criminal or even the infamous Maximus the Mad who has spent time banished from Attilan.

What is curious is why the whole village was destroyed that Skye was found in as baby.  Did the Kree attack the village?  Did evil Inhumans?


Is Skye an Inhuman? 
Who are the Inhumans?
What is Attlian?
Who are the Kree? 
Will Vin Diesel be Blackbolt? 

Who are Inhuman Characters? 
Who is Blackbolt how is he so powerful? 
Who is Karnak?
Who is Medusa? 
Who is Crystal?
Who is Maximus the Mad? 

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