What is Iron Man armor Model 2

Mark II Armor in Iron Man 2
Armors in the comics:
The Model 2 armor in the comics is also called the Proto Classic Armor and appears in Tales of Suspense #48.  This is the first armor that moves toward the modern look of Iron Man and how he is seen today. This is the suit that is more form fitting, agile and can fly.  Iron Man will continue to use the more flexible, fast and agile models after the first model nearly killed Stark in a battle with the villain Mister Doll.  This is also the first model to be in Iron Man's iconic Red and Yellow color scheme.  Generally this model is sleeker, faster, and can fly.

This model also sported either the riveted or horned helm. The horned helm version comes first and is called Model 2 Mark I and the Riveted version is called Model Mark I-A.  The Riveted version is a slight upgrade because the helmet was all one unified piece.  The Riveted version first appears in comes in Tales of Suspense #54.  The riveted helm continues to be Iron Man's look for much of the ongoing comics and is included in many of the later models.

This model is kind of a prototype of Stark's to test out new ideas.  How to make a light weight suit, how to make it fly, how to make it flexible etc.  These ideas are then perfected in the Model 3, 4, and especially 5

This model could fit into a suit case.
Was the first small, neat fitting model all break

Controls and Communications:
Most of controls are done through the belt buckle
Has radio and emergency broadcast - uses an antenna that comes out of his shoulder
No AI or computer

Magnetized Outer-shell helps prevent projectiles
This model also was the first to use various method to ensure that it was not Stolen.  The case that contained would release a sleep gas booby trap if picked up by a person other than Stark.
It also had an explosive inside that could be triggered by Stark in advent it was stolen.

This armor while a break through does not last long.  By Tales of Suspense #55 Stark has created Model 3.

MCU (9999) Mark II
There is not exact equivalent to this model in the MCU.  Stark does have a Mark II that he uses in the movie Iron Man I.  This is the closest equivalent to Model II in the comics.  The Mark II is Stark's breakthrough suit that can fly, is flexible, has an AI HUD and controls.  This suit has one major flaw in that freezes at high altitudes.  This is why he shelves the suit and deputes the Mark III that can fly at high altitudes.

In Iron Man II Stark goes on a drunken bender in his suit.   Rhodes dons the Mark II to stop Stark from hurting someone.  He then takes the suit to the military as he sees Stark as unfit to have a monopoly on the technology and power of the Iron Man suit.  The United States Military along with Hammer Industries convert this suit into the War Machine Armor.

In the comics Rhodes initially uses the traditional Iron Man armor for awhile while Stark is out of commission due to his alcoholism.  Eventually, Stark gives Rhodes a highly advanced Armor which is Model 16 that becomes the Warmachine armor.

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