What is the Iron Man armor Model I Mark I?

What is Iron Man armor Mark I?  This is the original Iron Man armor created by Tony Stark and Ho Yinsen.
The armor is painted Gold and used on Stark's first forays as a super hero.

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First appearance Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963)

Tales of Suspense #39

This is the original Iron Man armor that Tony Stark created while in captivity.  It was designed by Stark alongside fellow captive scientist Ho Yinsen.  Stark uses the armor to escape and get revenge on his captors for the death of Ho Yinsen.  When he returns to the States Stark decides to begin using the armor to defend the weak and protect America from communistic threats.  He realizes the armor is too scary and intimidating so he paints it gold to appear like a gold knight.

He wore this suit for a quite awhile even through some Avengers missions but eventually was forced to upgrade the armor after a battle with the villain Mister Doll nearly killed him.

  • Heavy armor and impact resistance - Allowed user to take blows from projectiles or powerful physical assault. It also added a great deal of strength to the user.
  • Boot Jets - Allowed the suit to make super leaps
  • Propeller - For travel in water
  • Magnetic defense - Allowed the suit to block frequencies, projectiles and some energy blasts
  • Chest Plate Energy Source - Flat array of miniature batteries were used for power. Could be recharges by plugging into an electrical energy source.  The first unibeam could also come from the chestplate but was very weak and not an offensive weapon.  It was more of a spot light.  The Chestplate also provided Stark with much need medical assistance.  It included instruments to stimulate Stark's heart in case it stopped (Like a pacemaker).  It also magnetically froze the shrapnel in his chest from piercing deeper into chest and puncturing his heart.  This medical function meant that initially Stark had to wear the chestplate at all times.
Who is Iron Man / Tony Stark?
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See the epic Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer HERE!
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