Toylab Halloween

As Halloween approaches the Toylab team is going to try to create some content in some spooky and fun areas.

The Demons, Monsters and Religions of the Marvel Universe
The Marvel Universe has some scary stuff in it, lets take a look at it.
Also I get a lot of questions on what is the official religion of the MCU.  Is one religion real there and others not etc etc.  If we have time we will try to break that down.  It is a big topic.

Walking Dead and Hack/Slash Posts
We will have some more "Who Is" posts on Walking Dead and Hack/Slash characters

The ToyLab Librarian's Favorite Scary Stories
We might shine a light on some great spooky stories from our friendly resident Librarian.

ToyLab Halloween Posts!!!
This page will be updated with new posts as we approach Halloween so be sure to check back!

Marvel Demons, Monsters and Religion:
Who is Dormammu?

Walking Dead:

TWD Season 5:
Season 5 Premiere - Review, Speculation and Spoilers 
What is Terminus?
Walking Dead Freelies, Stuff, Toys
A look at Funko Pop! minis for Walking Dead Series 1 and 2! 
Who is Negan?
Who is Eugene?
Who is Father Gabriel Stokes? 
Who is Gareth?

Librarians Scary Story reviews:

Come back we will have some up soon!

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