The Top 10 Villains of Luke Cage

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Top 10 Villains of Luke Cage / Power Man

I have always liked Luke Cage and Heroes for Hire but I have a rough time pinning down a villain as his Arch Nemesis.
Chemistro certainly appears a lot in his books.  Stryker and Cage have personal vendettas against each other.  The Purple Man while relatively new to the list did terrible things to his wife and that is a fast way to get on any man's bad side.

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What do you think?  Who on this list stands out most to you?  Should Cottonmouth now be included?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below:

1)  Chemistro
Three men have worn the mantle of Chemistro and all have battled Luke Cage.  Chemistro may be Cage's most iconic and reoccurring villain.

Who is Chemistro?

2) Willis Stryker
The former best friend of Cage becomes his bitter enemy as they battle on the roof tops above New York City.  Stryker is set to appear as one of the major villains in the Luke Cage Netflix series.

Who is Willis Stryker AKA Diamondback?

3) Mr. Fish
Mr Fish may sound silly but with his immense strength was once able to defeat Cage.  No one laughs at Mr Fish!

Who is Mr. Fish?

4) Cheshire Cat
 When the secretive, snoopy disappearing villain known as Cheshire appears trouble is bound to follow.

Who is Cheshire Cat?

5) Comanche
Former fellow member of the Rivals, Comanche uses Native American weapons with great proficiency.

Who is Comanche?

6) Shades
Former fellow member of the Rivals now a bitter foe.  Shades receives upgraded super weapons in part to battle Cage.

 Who is Shades?

7) Cockroach Hamilton
A street enforcer whose gun carries a special punch

Who is Cock Roach Hamilton?

8) Spear
Armed with a special weapon the Spear is out for vengeance on one of Cage's closest friends and allies.
Who is Spear?

9) Moses Magnum
The corrupt arms dealer who never fails to leave a wake of violence and death where ever he goes.  Cage once seemingly killed the arms dealer but he did not stay dead for long.

Who is Moses Magnum?

10) The Purple Man
While all the men on this list are bad, only the Purple Man can said be pure evil.  He tortured Luke's wife Jessica Jones and that is something Luke will never forgive.

Who is the Purple Man?

Villains in the Luke Cage show:
The villains in the Luke Cage show include many of those that are important to his origin. This includes Diamondback, Comanche and Shades.  Villains that are not mentioned above that are very prominent in the show include Black Mariah and Cornell Cottonmouth.  Many of the more powered/campy villains like Chemistro, Cheshire Cat, and Mr Fish did not appear in the show,   It may be that these villains were deemed to weird to show initially.  Its too bad though because these are my personal favorite Luke Cage villains.  Cornell Cottonmouth is played so well in the show that I have considered revising my top 10 list to include him.

Comanche is name dropped early in the show.  Some people think he is the man that joins with Shades in the prison flashbacks.  I am not sure on this.

The Purple Man does not show up in the Luke Cage show but was the primary villain in Jessica Jones that also featured Luke Cage.

One villain that does not appear in this list or the show but may still turn out to be very important is Coldfire.  Coldfire is Luke Cage's superpowered and villainous brother.  The ending of Luke Cage hints that the MCU's Willis Stryker may have inherited some elements from that character.  Notably that Willis Styrker and Cage have a familial connection.  It will be interesting if Willis returns later with powers similar to that of Coldfire.

No mentions have been made in the MCU of Moses Magnum however I have heard an idea of Magnum being used as a villain in a vehicle that would bring together the Heroes for Hire and the Black Panther.  This project is only rumored and I have not found anything solid on it other than message board whispers.  Still it is worth keeping an eye on that character.

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